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28mm hard plastic Scythians

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Funding has been reached, so the Satyrs, Scythians and Amazons will be produced. 


The $40 level gets you 2 boxes. You can choose from the fauns or centaurs they produced in the first kickstarter, or the Satyrs (32 in a box) or the amazon/scythian combined box (32 amazons and 32 scythians per box for 64 total). 


If you add $20 to your pledge, you can choose a total of 4 boxes. this works out to $15/box but if you choose the Amazon/Scythian box since he is including both sets per 1 box, you are basically getting a box of 32 minis for $7.50 each....


This means that if you choose the amazon/scythian box for each of your 4 choices, you get 128 amazons and 128 scythians. You can also double your pledge for $120. which would net you 8 boxes or 256 amazons and 256 scythians. There is on 59 hours left in the campaign.

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The pledge manager just opened for this. 


I upgraded to the double revised tier which is 8 boxes for $120 + $8 flat shipping. 


The Steppe Warhost box comes with 32 Amazons, 32 Scythians and 8 cavalry for 72 minis per box. The Satyr box is 40 Satyrs per box. Which I think is roughly 50% what these will go for at retail. Each box was $20 but you basically got some free stuff doing the deal pledge. 


So, this comes out to 

224 Scythians

224 Amazons

56 cavalry that can be Amazon or Scythian

40 satyrs 

544 minis total for $128 shipped. Which works out to $.23/mini... I hope this is not one of those (if it sounds too good to be true, it is... things). The Creator has a succesful project alreay delivered and Seems like a stand up guy. If it does deliver,. that is a hell of a deal. 

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