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It seems 2021 is to be the year of the "painting blehs", where many of us are struggling to find out just where our inspiration has wandered off to. The world seems to be going increasingly mad each passing day, so this isn't surprising. With so much uncertainty about, it's difficult to get back into painting mode with so many other things to worry over. 

Last year I was knocked out of any steady routine for long periods of time, and it appears that for this year that may hold true as well. So how to adapt is the question here. To begin with, to recognize how I wound up with a horde of half finished minis on the table nagging at me. Simple, for the last few years I've had the tendency to bite off far more than I can chew on a regular basis. Between juggling Undead, Witch Hunters, and the Witch/Halloween army, I've put myself in a place where I'm dealing with units on a regular basis, and using pretty much the same palette on all of them. Don't get me wrong, the limited palette achieves what look I'm going for with everything and I'm still just as much in love with all of my factions as I was when I started them, but like with all things there are consequences. My habit of opening a blister of something new to try and feed the motivation also doesn't help me here.

Humans are to a greater or lesser extent novelty seeking creatures. Although I fall into the far end of lesser, sooner or later it catches up. Also part of why I fell into the current structure is logistical, I've lost the knack of small pours, and have a horror of wasting paint, so limiting colors to what can be spread far in the case of overspill makes sense. 

Another contributing factor is that having learned the hard way with drawing, I cannot and will not try to "force it" when it comes to artistic projects. All well and good, but it leaves me in a position where as soon as the muse decides to hide beneath the sofa, the project comes to a screeching halt whether it be painting or writing. 

So what to do about this now? 

Goal setting in the loosest possible sense of the word. Overall objective is to clear everything off of the table before unblistering or opening anything else. I've been doing good here, so it's just a matter of keeping this up.

Outside of my faction projects, these are what's staring at me...


Barbarian Mouslings...


Viking Mouslings...


Eastern Mouslings...


Drangus the Duck Knight, meant as a Christmas gift two years in the running now, saving grace is that the recipient has no clue about this.


Zombie Dragon, also meant as an unexpected gift. The snag here is that this is the first full size dragon I've ever attempted so scale got intimidating quickly and that I was having a difficult time trying to figure out what was rotted flesh and what was muscle. Gluing the wings on this early didn't do me any favors either. I have another one still in it's package that is destined for my undead army, so hopefully by tackling this one I can have an easier time when it comes up in rotation.


Even here it's obvious as to how I go strongly with theme, even in my "random" minis. Since I tend to try and paint as large a batch as possible, with this the solution might be to focus on one or two, finishing them before moving on, even though my brain is going to screaming at me otherwise. 


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A bit of progress...


Some Pine Green on his head, Ancient Bronze on his buckle and bag, some more Ebony Flesh on his belt...


Brown and Black Washes on his bags and bedroll...


More Ancient Bronze on his sword and shield, and blocked in the emblem with Ginger Cookie on the body, Russet Brown on the neck, Pine Green on the head, and Shadowed Stone on the wings, tail, and Drangus's hands.


Not all that much really, yet it took me two hours. This is where my frustration comes in, I know the color schemes I'm going for and I'm happy with them, I'm happy with the level of work I can produce, but I cannot get myself to actually sit and commit to keeping going. I'll get a little bit down, then lose interest, wander off and read something, then wander back, get a bit more done, and so on...

Which granted is far better than letting things sit for days/weeks/months without anything getting done, but there was a time when a solid hour or two of painting was something I could do regularly and that's what I want to get back to, but for some reason I can't get there. 

Spoilered for rambling.

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Love the look of that shield. Can't wait to see the whole thing completed.


With regards to your frustration, my dad always told me this: if you're going to do something, do it right no matter how long it takes. At the time, teenage MvM hated hearing that, but older MvM now gets that if it takes 2 hours to accomplish something I'm happy with then so be it. I think the 2 hours you invested was time well spent. :winkthumbs:

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I don't know how or why it happened, but I was able to finally get back into the groove of things! Unlike the last two hour session, I managed to stay seated and working the whole time, and thus brought Drangus to the state of "More or less complete"...


His face was done in several layers of Pine/Leaf Green, Leaf/Viper Green, and straight Viper Green. On his shield, the same greens were applied as well as Dark Highlight on the neck, dabs of Dirty Bone on the body, New Sample color with Buckskin Pale on the Bill and feet, Stone Grey on the wing tips and Drangus's hands, a patch of Linen White on his inner wing, some GW Balthazar Gold on the shield, and a thin tint of Heather Blue over the background.


The bits of clothing peeking out are a mix of Stormy/Cloudy/Rainy Greys, some Dark Highlights on the leather, and various mixtures and washes of New Sample and Buckskin Pale on his bill, as well as a thin Black Wash about his mouth line and nostrils. 

I'm currently waiting for his arm to dry, as I search for an appropriate base for him. 

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On 1/16/2021 at 10:39 PM, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

Which granted is far better than letting things sit for days/weeks/months without anything getting done, but there was a time when a solid hour or two of painting was something I could do regularly and that's what I want to get back to, but for some reason I can't get there. 


Well, in my experience there are times to paint and then there are times to do something else. And at those times, for me it's often better not to paint, because I'll mess up and hate the experience. After all, it's just a hobby, not a job (at least for me, that is)...


Great progress on the duck! It has come to life, and I wouldn't want to be in his way. ::):



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Got the first colors down, Steel Legion Drab for the dirt, Misty Grey over the putty for the snow...


This will give me an excuse to test out this...


The plan is to use my usual grass mix over the brown, then a few layers of the Scene-a-rama stuff over the puttied parts, maybe a light sprinkle over the grasses, and some Army Painter tufts I forgot I had. 

7 hours ago, Samedi said:


Well, in my experience there are times to paint and then there are times to do something else. And at those times, for me it's often better not to paint, because I'll mess up and hate the experience. After all, it's just a hobby, not a job (at least for me, that is)...


Great progress on the duck! It has come to life, and I wouldn't want to be in his way. ::):



I don't try to force it, I just remember a time when I would sit down to paint then find that what felt to me to be only a short while, was in fact the quick passage of hours, and I was completing things on a regular basis. Over the last year, that focus and attention span has been harder to find. I'm facing similar blockage with writing, and even video games I can't concentrate on like I once did. 

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Managed to finish Drangus and got some further progress on the Mouslings...


His expression of irritation probably has to do with the fact his feet are cold.


Finished highlights on the fur, Harvest Brown base coat, then Harvest Brown/Blonde Hair mix, then dry brush of Blonde Shadow. On the white parts, Rainy Grey base coat, then Misty Grey, then Linen white drybrush. Oiled Leather on the spear wrapping, Viper Green on the armor, Honed Steel on shield, spear, and mail. Ancient Bronze on the shield, spear and crown.


Dragon Blue on the cloak, Oiled Leather on the hair bands, Blonde Shadow on the hair, Cursed Gold on the wings and arm band.


Same colors used here.


On to the barbarian mice...


Same fur mixes as the vikings, Honed Steel and Cursed Gold on the armor and arm bands.


Same colors again on "Conan"...


With the addition of Oiled Leather on his loincloth and sword hilt.

My unit painting tendencies are coming to the fore again, but I wanted a "realistic" color scheme on them to tone down the fantasy elements. But with the fur out of the way it should be a relatively quick finish seeing as how they have a lot of metallics that only need an armor wash. 


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Viking and Barbarian mouslings are in Show Off, and I made a bit more progress on the Eastern mouslings...


Deep Twilight and Dragon Red. Part of what had me stalled on these was trying to figure out what to do with the mask, since I'm going for a grey/white fur on these, a white mask wouldn't work. So after some time going thru google images, I came across a red demon mask, which would also let me tie the two together a bit more with the purples and reds. 

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      Before I ramble further, I'd like to shout out an appreciation towards whoever set up the Nuclear Krill Wiki, because that's going to save me so much time and sanity. Seriously, thank you!
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      My rough notes for the poster. I spent some time searching for 1985 metal album covers in search of period fonts, and possible ideas for composition. Unfortunately, the vast majority were of band members or paintings that don't really translate to the 50s comic book style I aim for. The Born To Krill font is based off the poster for 1947's "Born To Kill". Wherever possible, I like to mix fonts so as to tug the viewer's eye all over the poster, and prevent the sameness of the lettering from blanding everything out if that makes sense. As can be dimly seen I penciled in a rough idea for the image. A nuclear plant going into meltdown in the back ground, and a krill riding a radioactive barrel over a nearby body of water. I remember a lot of cartoons using the radioactive barrel as a plot device in the 80s, so this fits the theme I'm going for and provides at least the bare bones of an origin story. Also it makes reference pictures easier to find. The coffee stain on the page gave me a laugh because years ago, almost all of my work was done at the coffee house, so most of my drawings had at least one. Thankfully they never showed up in the photocopies, and I view it as Agamenthar blessing the work in progress.

      Three Mile Island will be the basis of the background, and this picture gives me a nice wide view of it to work with, and allows me to highten the realism by including all of the various structure, powerlines, etc. Since most of my work contains fantastical elements, keeping as much realism as possible in the presentation grounds things and keeps them from getting too cartoony. 

      Wally Wood was a master at this as shown in the panel. A ship in a bathtub takes on a seriousness it would otherwise not have. He was also a master at contrasting black and white, and I selected this picture so as to study the water. Our krill will be in calmer waters, but if I can pull off a tenth of this, I'll be happy. 

      And this is where I'm currently at. I have a love/hate view of lettering, this took three hours not counting the "R" in nuclear, which I finished up a few minutes ago. The challenge is always to get them large enough to be a focal point, yet still be able to fit them onto the page in a pleasing fashion. A lot of measuring goes into this, and as can be seen by the way the "R" is clipped off, I do usually run out of space. I also ink in the letters as soon as possible, because it's easier to draw around/ through them when the actual drawing part begins. The paper I'm abusing is 11x17, with a half inch border all around, a relic of the days when the copy service employees would end up lopping bits off by loading it in crooked. Outside of quick sketches I prefer this size, because it allows me to noodle in a large amount of detail even if it is a lot of space to fill. 
      Next up will be the joys of curved lettering. 
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      Overall it drove me crazy, mainly because they are without a doubt the smallest things I have ever worked on and were extremely hard to paint. The kids really made me feel good about the whole thing though, as many of the kids (almost the whole class?) came up and were really appreciative of the gift. The teacher was even in awe of the detail on them and that I had hand painted them for all the kids.
      So, here is which mouslings were done:
      77286 Mousling King & Princess (3 each)
      77287 Mousling Thief & Assassin (1)
      77288 Mousling Sorcerer & Samurai (2)
      77289 Mousling Ranger & Yeoman (2)
      77290 Mousling Druid & Beekeeper (2)
      77547 Mousling Eastern (2)
      77548 Wizard Mouslings (3)
      Here is the first Group of 21 that were Clear coated first, followed by the 9 who got clear coated and returned to the kids the following day:)

      And now, closeups of the groups in no particular order :) As always, C&C is appreciated.


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