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77371 Basilisk -- sculpt J. Guthrie, paint D. Schubert


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@Glitterwolf and @Kuroneko : Thanks!


@Samedi : Right: bolder colors below, and duller colors but higher value-contrast above.  The inspirational photo of the ibis had a beautiful emerald green on the wing-tip feathers, but the bird's legs were dull; I just had to find a place to use a green like that on the basilisk.


@Citrine : That's a trio of adjectives that I would appreciate in a critter like this ... maybe not so much in a person! ::P:


@Kangaroorex and @Metalchaos : I decided on giving the eyes a light-green "glow", so then I manipulated the colors of the body and head so the head would be dark and provide a high contrast with the eyes.


@Metalchaos : I wanted to keep the whole thing on a 30mm base (not much bigger than game-legal for the more popular RPGs), and these two statue pieces give just a little backstory.  You could imagine building a bigger base with a whole garden of statues.


Color-shift and blending notes for @Kangaroorex , @PhantomAsh , @ksbsnowowl: I had some browns, greens, purples, tan/ivory, yellow-ocher, and Rust Red (+ tan = salmon-pink) on my palette, and then my final 2-3 hours of painting (out of about 7-8 total) involved looking for places where a transition was too stark, and then dabbing that transition with an intermediate "bridging" color.  And since I wanted the iridescent color-shift effect, I didn't worry when those intermediate colors were a different hue.  I got some happy accidents, such as on the right side behind the last leg: brown + green + purple + pink.  A similar thing happened on the armor of a kitsune that I painted: link to Forum post.

The rock also has a color-shift from orange (warmer/advancing) on top & in front, to purple (cooler/receding) below & in back.  Plus the green "lichen" for some extra visual interest.


@ksbsnowowl : Humping a rock indeed!  It likes sunning itself on warm rocks, and it's just slow and low to the ground by nature.  ("Slow and low, that is the tempo," according to the Beastie Boys.) ^_^



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