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Cardboard Spaceships for Stargrave

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15 hours ago, malefactus said:

You have a real flair for spotting thingies that have craft potential. I LOVE watching your creations develop.

Thanks! I've drawn a lot of inspiration for this project from a bunch of trash bashing youtube videos, mixing it in with a hefty dose of "It's just trash, the worst that can happen is what? I make it trashier trash?" I do still sometimes have to remind myself that it's okay to trash something if it isn't working, I don't have to keep going with something just cause I've put effort into it.

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I started last night by cutting out the foam for the other cargo pods, and gluing them together.



Then I cut out the parts for the trucks flatbed, and glued them together.


And waited for the glue to dry...


I really should have used hot glue for this, but was using wood glue...


In the end I had to add some support because the glue wasn't holding it.IMG_20210223_113446.thumb.jpg.df9027650197d7595a01aadb1c58b119.jpg

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I was tossing some junk mail into my recycling when I noticed the mesh from a clementine box... and inspiration struck!




This could work for the flatbed!


But will it take glue & paint?


Lets try a bit of black craft paint and see how it goes on this one spot... Oh, that was more paint than I meant to use




Okay, we'll just let that dry...


Okay, not bad. Little fragile, as the paint scratches off, but maybe after glue and a clear coat to protect it? This could work!

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On 5/3/2021 at 10:06 AM, Great Khan Artist said:

A really neat trash bash is on You Tube. The Tabletop Engineer makes a squirt gun space ship. 

There are some really cool trash bashes out there! And I've definitely been inspired by The Tabletop Engineer. He's got some great stuff.

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