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These are somewhat of a continuation from another post, but the important thing is to note the improvements (along with the areas to grow).  



* Used brown as base color before applying bronze color to shingles of mail.  Better coverage and color overall doing this.

* Used VGC Yellow Ochre to dry brush over the faces and bring out the details.  Good contrast and still liking the yellow/green pairing.

* Didn't put as much time in worrying about the under-sides of armor or weapons.  Saved time and who really sees it anyway?  My work is more or less table-top ready, so good save on time.

*  Kept color palette relatively muted, which gave these little dudes a grungy feel.

* Ink and steel mix worked better on the weapons.  



* The highlights on the small mail links didn't come out great.  too light?  Too dark? I can't tell. I can tell I just didn't like the outcome.

* White teeth and white eyes?  Too much.  Should have dulled down the white with a little yellowish color or something.  These guys don't use colgate.  They use the blood of their fallen enemies.  

* Eyes with a kind of cat-eye look doesn't fit as well.  Need a better idea on that.  

* Tried to put streaks of steel on weapons - not great outcome and needs improvement.

* boots and dark colors.  I just can't get it right!  It's like books or black should be easy, but to me it just looks like primed parts that didn't get painted.  HELP!  


Here they are - not based yet and lookin' like they are in an Orbitz commercial with those chompers.  I might have to go back and wash them both literally and liberally with a brown wash.  


As always I'm open to any feedback.  



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