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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?

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We're only about 3 months away from delivery of the Bones 5 (so stoked I can hardly contain myself) and there's A LOT coming.  


I stated in another post that I'd like to get through as many as i can.  I also know burnout is a real thing to be prepared for.  I don't know if this is a thing somewhere in the realms of Reaper Forum already, but would anyone be interested in getting on a weekly painting group to try and knock out the same minis?  I figure if anything it will at least be a means to keep on top of the painting and also encourage, inspire, and grow from the group effort.  There's a lot of logistics to be worked out, but if anyone would want to start something up with me, I'd love the company on the trail. 


Here's my general stats to see if you're in alignment: 

Usually take about 1 to 1.5 hours on my minis.  

Intermediate painter. 

Nothing pro-level, just painting for fun. 

Love to try new techniques.

I find working with others is more motivating for me than on my own.  


Who's interested?


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I found WIP minis while packing up to move that I didn't even know I HAD.    After the Great Unboxing, I've got my work cut out for me.   Huzzah!  --OneBoot :D 

Wow so I had a goal of finished by midnight on sunday, didnt set an alarm, got lost in the fun of painting and I kid you not; I put my brush down at 11:59:57pm.    Here is Lysette, I'm calli

Working on shading and midtones. Thought the blue would be darker. I'm going to have to go over it again with something.      The group so far:  

Posted Images

If Sunday afternoons are good for ya, there is already a Sunday afternoon paint/club online thing on Reaper's dedicated Discord server.


I think it would be 1000 to 1500 Oregon time.

Do you know about Reaper's discord server? 

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I actually couldn't figure out how discord worked.  Sad, i know.  I was thinking less of a set day or time.  More just a weekly get through it together. Post about. What we hated, loved, learned, etc.  


I think getting people together same place and time may be too difficult.  I should probably list what i had in mind. 



Each week pick one or two minis to get done. 


Stick to small minis 28mm at first to see how we're doing, then bump up the size if majority is hitting goal of completion. 

Post pictures to share at end of week (or during week if you finish).

May limit what's on the to-do list to keep it simple, but that can be discussed. 

At the end of week, the pick alternates on who picks what to paint. 


How many people currently make the discord meeting? 


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I'd be interested for sure! I also don't discord and love this idea. I unfortunately was very late to the party and missed out on some of the options, particularly the Brinewind stuff... I'm still hurting about that...

but anyway, as long as I have the mini that is chosen for the week, I'll happily contribute!

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@crowsandbones I'd imagine we can figure out who's in this program, then establish which sets we all have in common.  The goal is to keep each other motivated and getting throgh these massive boxes of shame - both to lessen the shame and increase our fulfillment.  


I'll come up with some baseline expectations if we can get some more people involved.  If it turns out it's you and me, then I'm totally cool with that, too.  Two people, fighting to drive away boredom, in the quest to tackle our hobbies as a team.  #paintordie



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Paint Club:

Rule #1 - we will talk about Paint Club. 

Rule #2 - WE WILL talk about Paint Club.



Gotta get the word out.  We've got 3 months to collect people who want in on it. Dedicated souls with passion for painting and a drive to support their colleagues.  

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I'm down for this! 


I went a little cray-cray and got pretty much everything except some of the encounters and the ship (no room!), so I'm sure I can find something common to paint most every week. 


I'd put myself down as an intermediate beginner, also painting for fun. I have a short attention span, so I usually don't paint for more than an hour or so at a time. 


I'm cool with Discord (and I lurk on the Repaer Discord server too), but I also don't think I can commit to a specific day/time for painting, much is the pity. 

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@billeecats& @crowsandbones looks like that's 3!  I'm already developing some guidelines and such. This could be rad. I'm glad to see another person interested. 


I went a little cray cray too on the Bones 5. I am not worried about what we have in common.  It's going to be harder to find things we don't.  


I've been chewing on the idea if we should keep a size limit to the minis we paint.  Keep them in the 28 to 38 mm size range.  But then again... who doesn't want to paint a dragon now and then?  Still dialing in some ideas we can try.  If anyone comes up with suggestions to make it more fun, I'll add it to the list.  This is in the infancy stage, but this baby is gon' grow up! 


Welcome aboard, billeecats.

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@Hibouand @billeecats, and @crowsandbones just so we're on the same page, i should state this is not a mini a day or on a set day we have to paint.   If we, as a group decide on a mini a week, and submit at the end of the week - that's great.  I was thinking we set the week:  Monday to Sunday.  Pick the mini on Monday and have all week to complete, but submit on Sunday.  


Hibou - you're in, buddy!  That's 4 and climbing.  

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2 hours ago, R2ED said:

@OneBootdid i just see you're wanting in on this group of glory?  This party of painting? This faction of action?  If yes, let me know and it'll be 5 in on this army of awesome. 


It's a fabulous idea and I'd love to join, but I'm right in the middle of an extended move into a new house, and won't have my painting area set up until about the middle of February. :)



--OneBoot :D

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Well @OneBoot, get this - it's really not starting until we get our bones 5 shipment, so your move should be okay with time to spare. 


Is say if you're going to have a spot to lay some paint down in April, then you're good to go.  

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The way it looks so far I wouldn't be surprised to see my rewards in May or June, but that's ok.  Optimistically speaking, I could be up for a Bones5 paint club by then. I got the core set and spent way too much on other stuff. The way things are going (state with the fewest # of vaxs so far) I could be stuck indoors the rest of the year. 


Consider a weekly small figure, and a monthly larger one. Maybe 2 months for something like a dragon? 


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    • By R2ED
      Got them based

    • By R2ED
      3rd animal done this weekend, but feeling good making some good progress.  Still trying my best to commit to getting a few done every weekend.  

      *  I watched another Dr. Faust painting video (the dude is my hero) and gathered some thoughts on how I wanted to approach this wolf.  Browns, tans, and a pink little tail.
      *  The two tones of Rust (Dark and Light) blended well across the two fur areas.  Bringing up the highlights from there was much easier using family of colors.
      *  Being VERY gentle with drybrushing and not rushing it, like I have in the past.  Thanks to much feedback I took a different approach on this and feel like it improved the outcome.
      *  I deepened some of the areas with Agrax Earthshade, but it didn't come out with as much definition as I wanted, so I swapped out for a glaze of German Black/Brown and it helped them a lot.  Win.
      *  Tusks look great, but took me about 5 different layers to get there.  
      *  So...I clearly rushed my cleaning on this one and I kept finding more and more little mold lines.  It was making me crazy.  Shame on me!
      *  The mouth isn't as clean as it should be.  The coloration could be a brighter pink or something. 
      *  The exposed bone on the head the more I look at it, the less I like it.  Not sure how I can improve this, though.  Thoughts?
      *  Eyes, much like the bunnies were just black.  Needs something else to help it pop.
      *  Is the pink tail weird? 
      *  On the tail portion, I did laugh to myself making the nutsack stand out, but whoever made this model made that detail.  I laughed, but it needed to be done.  Sorry not sorry.
      It took about an hour and a half, so I'm pretty happy with speed on this one.  Next up - basing.  Love the feedback if you've got any.

    • By R2ED
      Got another bunny done for the weekend.  Feeling pretty good on getting some animals done.

      *  Using another photo for inspiration, I was interested in that this bunny photo had a slight 'blueish' tone to the color in the grey.  I was interested in trying to match it.  Used Denim Blue, Grey, and black to get it.  Came out pretty good!
      *  The white was also one that I needed to be able to highlight up and I didn't want to use another grey. I ended up going with the Ghost White, which had a light blue to it, and I thought went with the grey color I mixed, too.  
      *  The colors blended well and I was able to use the same technique I used on the other butterscotch bunny of doing a feathering of lighter color to bring the hair detail forward.  
      *  Used a nuln oil diluted for the recesses and around the tail.  Worked good enough.  Wouldn't have minded a little more contrast, but still cute.
      *  I didn't highlight up the fleshy colors on the nose.  I somewhat feel it needs more of a "pop" and think it was a miss that I didn't.
      * The white is still on the weaker end and coudl have gone a little darker so I could bring the white hair forward more.  Using the zenithal highlight helped, but still wanted more.
      These were both super fast and only a handful of colors needed, so both bunnies were solid.  Open to any feedback ya got.  
      Now I gotta base them with something cute and fun...

    • By R2ED
      Finally the weekend!  What a wait it felt like to get here.  

      With it being the Easter weekend, I figured it'd be fitting to do some bunnies.  I had hoped to make these for a family member and ship them out, but that didn't pan out.  However, getting them painted is still better than not.
      *  The butterscotch coloring I saw on some rabbits on Whidbey Island, I couldn't help but use as inspiration.  Matching them to how they came out, I'd say was better than I expected.
      *  Using very, very simple colors and just pushing the colors up with mixing them worked great!
      *  Making the details come out more by using very faint streaks of diluted paint worked great to give the impression of individual hairs sticking through.  I think this will be used in other models I do as well.  
      *  Eyes have a nice pop to them, but was thinking some more color would be good.
      *  I was thinking of putting some wash in there to bring forward the creases, but I didn't want to lose that fun color.  Any suggestions?
      *  The eyes have a strangeness to them by highlighting the eye lids.  Would you all suggest doing dark instead of light around the eyes?
      *  Speaking of eyes I wasn't sure if putting a spot of white in there was good or not, so I held off.  
      Pretty happy with how this little bunny came out.

    • By R2ED
      I realize it's not the weekend, but the week was quite busy and I'm happy to have got any of this done at all.  
      This little wizard's focus for me was going to be brighter colors and trying to do skin and hair better.  I think it came out pretty well.
      *  The base color of red tone and highlighting upward to flesh tone seems to be a good mix.  
      *  Keeping to adjacent colors on the color wheel made for a pleasing, eye-catching combo.  I have to say using the reds, oranges, and browns was pretty fun.
      *  I did as much highlighting and avoiding washes as I could.  This has been my practice over the last number of models I've done.  I don't get how the videos show people just splashing it on for amazing results.  I don't get it, can't seem to do it the same, so I resort to taking more time on starting dark and going light.  Much like Dr. Faust's painting videos.  I've learned much from watching him.
      *  Mixing paints is getting better.  I used like colors to lighten and highlight and I'm getting a better balance and understanding of how they may look really different wet, but getting to know how they dry and differs greatly.  
      *  The eyes worked better going in order of black first, white second, black third.  I was doing a white, black, white and it made the eyes look weird.  @Inarah pushed me to try something different and it's been working better.  
      *  The brown hair with little highlights came out good and I'm trying to be very light in my touch to get subtle look versus stark.  Win!
      *  The staff is okay.  I tried to give it like some kind of weathered look or cool effect at the end, but it just didn't sing like I had hoped.
      *  On the back of his cape, there's a part that I tried shading inf that just didn't look believable to the eye.  I tried to hit it a few times to catch the light and how to lighten the edgest, but it was lost on me.  Fail.
      *The skin on his hand held out has a funny look to it up close.  I tried to bring out some of pads of his fingers and palm, but it doesn't look as good as I had hoped.
      Overall it's another win, and I'm happy with the results.  
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