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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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I've got pics but it's probably not worth the hassle to try and upload right now.   Did some more work on the centaur over the weekend, mostly on the flesh.  It's harder to get it to look right on the larger figures.  Also resumed work on Madame Delia, another one that has been sitting a while.  You know how you pick up a really cool figure and start to put paint on it and realize you don't know where you're going with it?  I also started on a Kawna cat wizard, using the paint set from last year's Reapercon.  It's going to be different. 


Finished two little guys that were repaints from last year.  I'll look up their names so when the photo bug is fixed I can post them.  


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Looks good.  I especially like the minotaur.  He looks like the wrong guy to mess with. 


Got a lot going on this weekend (and the rest of the month) but plan to work on these more: 











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48 minutes ago, R2ED said:

@pcktlntI see that leprechaun down there getting ready for st. Patrick's day...

Oh yea. Trying to finish him up before then.


Several of these are going to be completed for March reaper challenge. 8 categories to go! 



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