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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?

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While i trust Reaper to get me the minis i paid for in Bones 5, (I’ve backed all of them so far) I dont put faith in any kickstarter’s estimate of when it will be delivered. Far too much is out of their control.


i do think that once we have Bones 5 in hand this group will be a good way to keep people motivated.   However we may want to get something started in the meantime.  I suggest we start out with basic categories of minis. That way it doesn’t  matter if we are all painting the same mini.  

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I found WIP minis while packing up to move that I didn't even know I HAD.    After the Great Unboxing, I've got my work cut out for me.   Huzzah!  --OneBoot :D 

Working on shading and midtones. Thought the blue would be darker. I'm going to have to go over it again with something.      The group so far:  

Wow so I had a goal of finished by midnight on sunday, didnt set an alarm, got lost in the fun of painting and I kid you not; I put my brush down at 11:59:57pm.    Here is Lysette, I'm calli

Posted Images

@Inarah guess I'm just going to have to add you to the party, too. 7 and climbing woot woot!


For the delivery time frame i can only say i hope you're wrong.  Maybe the gods of shipping will smile in our favor?  Maybe the ocean lanes will free up and the shoremen unloading the containers will go, "Mercedes, Pfizer, samsung... these can wait.  Let's unload that Reaper cargo first." Of course, then i wake up, but it'd be cool if it happened that way.  

@Hibou i agree we should test the waters.

I've created some loose things we should agree on or make changes to.  

Here's the list i had so far. Open to ideas. 

[  ] Every week finish a mini
[  ] If a week is missed, a catch up is allowed
[  ] Must pick randomly from assigned list (so we all have the same) 
[  ] Everyone in group must have minis assingned
[  ] Challenges are accepted (colors, time limit, etc)
[  ] No giant minis unless accepted by group
[  ] Week runs from Monday to Sunday (monday starts the week)
[  ] Technique weeks (dry brush, priming, wash, highlight, basing)
[  ] Monthly report and standings
Must encourage each other to finish.

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I will join the fun. I may be moving so might get off to a slow start - house is going on the market at the end of March we hope. I have almost everything in Bones V so should not have a problem with whatever mini is picked each week.

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@Kate dig it!  You're in!  Make that an octuplet of awesome. 


I put in the guidelines a chance for makeup.  I may... put a lead list out at the start of a month we know is going to be busy in case someone wants to make up some ground early.  I know life, kids, appts, events, and just stuff could get in the way.  I want participation and no excuses. Should be fun and motivating.  


I'm going to put a master list of what I've got together soon for comparison.  I may create a Google doc we can all source. 


Thinking cap is on.  Welcome aboard, Kate!

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Okay, Team!  With Monday starting up tomorrow and the request to do a test week, I think this may prove a good running start for the months ahead.  I pulled inventory on what I had in my "to-do" bin.  I recently made a purchase to support the January releases to also give some variety.  I'm assuming most of y'all were in the Bones 4 KS (I was not, so I'm playing catch up) and may already have some of these.  


I'm looking to know what we have as a team and what we don't.  I've created a sharable spreadsheet that I'd prefer only be shared to members so we're not getting a ton of edits on there.  However, I think it'll make picking, sharing, and getting details among the members a lot easier.


If you're interested in sharing the spreadsheet, please DM me and I'll send you an invite separately.  


So far the list of names I have on the spreadsheet are:








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I have a vast collection of reaper minis including all previous bones kickstarter core sets plus a bunch of extras and expansions.    I am good for pretty much anything you choose.   If you come up with something I already painted or gave away I am sure I can come up with something.   

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  • Moderator

I've bought heavy into every Bones Kickstarter, and always gotten the Core set, if that helps. 


This week is moving week, so I won't be around much for the first half of February. 



--OneBoot :D 

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Just yesterday I finished my google spreadsheet for my Bones 5 haul, and then real late last night decided to add 3 more dragons on the pledge manager, lol.

My next task is to inventory my unpainted Reaper minis. I came late to the game and only started buying Reaper after Bones 5 was already closed, and had to load up on whatever was left in the PM.

Missed out on Reapercon 2020 completely and I really want that Dead Men Tell No Tales model of the skeleton pirate king, but I'll just have to roll an investigation check for that one.

I have decent box of Reaper minis with a lot of variety in size and material(metal, bones, bones black) so hopefully I have something comparable that will fit the guidelines.

I also have the new Bones USA Krampus and Lysette the Elven Mage, excited to try the new material!


I'll try to get my inventory finished and shared by this evening after work.


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I'll send each of you a DM. You can see the spreadsheet I've created.  


Things I'll do further if this works:

Order by sku number

Add size categories (small, medium, hero, giant) 

Color grid (in case we want to add challenges) 

Challenge column 

More to come. 


Check your DMs momentarily. 


I'd love your feedback if you can't figure it out. 


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8 hours ago, R2ED said:

I'm looking to know what we have as a team and what we don't.  I've created a sharable spreadsheet that I'd prefer only be shared to members so we're not getting a ton of edits on there.  However, I think it'll make picking, sharing, and getting details among the members a lot easier.



I got core and Dreadmere from B4. Still have most villagers, Pathfinder and adventurers in bags. 

Bones 3 I have very little, a few options and add-ons.  Most has been painted.

Bones 2 I got a few add-ons, expansion #2, and Dragons Don't Share. A good portion has been painted.

Bones 1 I have core and a couple of options. Still have villagers, Pathfinder, pirates, and small random figures. 


Oh yeah, I went nuts on B5, but that is months away.


I bought some of the special figures from RConline, and plan to get some of whatever is going on sale for the next event. Also have the two Australian brushfire relief figures. 


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Looks like 3 of us have input so far.  I know OneBoot is out due to their move. 


44013 Jakob Aka vampire head lopper off-er is a possible go. 


Anyone else responding? 


I'm basically brand new to the whole Bones thing, so I'm just buying figures retail now to paint.  I figured ya'll would have more on hand, so i could buy some that you already.  

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I've gone over the spreadsheet and updated. A lot of it I have already painted or don't have. 


My short list for winter/spring painting:


1609 25th anniversary Lysette

3867/77751 Aletheia duelist

4007 Lashana

4017 Aeowyn

4020 Raza

4022 goose lady

4023 fruit seller

4088,4096 Jade Fire

50309 Coraline Thaddington

59042 female ripper

59043 male ripper

59044 ripper crusader

77390 avatar of Sekhmet

77504 death lilies

77505 plant dragon

80038-40 bathalians

male spartan statues


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I see Lysette and jakob in common.  Pick one or both.  


Goal is finish one by Sunday night.  Post it when you're done.  

Only expectation is no basing (although do if you want).


If you don't have either of those, pick something else not in the list.  The mission we share is to paint.  I simply picked off that list based off who filled in and what i saw in common.  I'm loving the engagement already.



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So I finally updated my unpainted Reaper minis inventory, and decided to add a page at the end for my paint collection, just for kicks.

I decided to paint the new Bones USA Lysette for this 1st challenge, I love this goal of one mini per week and can't wait to share the progress.






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    • By R2ED
      Finally got back on to some painting.  It was a minor win, but just basing this dude feels good to be done.  One cool thing i thought was fun is that i put a footprint in the mud under his left foot.  Kind of a small, but cool detail. 
    • By R2ED
      Got them based

    • By R2ED
      3rd animal done this weekend, but feeling good making some good progress.  Still trying my best to commit to getting a few done every weekend.  

      *  I watched another Dr. Faust painting video (the dude is my hero) and gathered some thoughts on how I wanted to approach this wolf.  Browns, tans, and a pink little tail.
      *  The two tones of Rust (Dark and Light) blended well across the two fur areas.  Bringing up the highlights from there was much easier using family of colors.
      *  Being VERY gentle with drybrushing and not rushing it, like I have in the past.  Thanks to much feedback I took a different approach on this and feel like it improved the outcome.
      *  I deepened some of the areas with Agrax Earthshade, but it didn't come out with as much definition as I wanted, so I swapped out for a glaze of German Black/Brown and it helped them a lot.  Win.
      *  Tusks look great, but took me about 5 different layers to get there.  
      *  So...I clearly rushed my cleaning on this one and I kept finding more and more little mold lines.  It was making me crazy.  Shame on me!
      *  The mouth isn't as clean as it should be.  The coloration could be a brighter pink or something. 
      *  The exposed bone on the head the more I look at it, the less I like it.  Not sure how I can improve this, though.  Thoughts?
      *  Eyes, much like the bunnies were just black.  Needs something else to help it pop.
      *  Is the pink tail weird? 
      *  On the tail portion, I did laugh to myself making the nutsack stand out, but whoever made this model made that detail.  I laughed, but it needed to be done.  Sorry not sorry.
      It took about an hour and a half, so I'm pretty happy with speed on this one.  Next up - basing.  Love the feedback if you've got any.

    • By R2ED
      Got another bunny done for the weekend.  Feeling pretty good on getting some animals done.

      *  Using another photo for inspiration, I was interested in that this bunny photo had a slight 'blueish' tone to the color in the grey.  I was interested in trying to match it.  Used Denim Blue, Grey, and black to get it.  Came out pretty good!
      *  The white was also one that I needed to be able to highlight up and I didn't want to use another grey. I ended up going with the Ghost White, which had a light blue to it, and I thought went with the grey color I mixed, too.  
      *  The colors blended well and I was able to use the same technique I used on the other butterscotch bunny of doing a feathering of lighter color to bring the hair detail forward.  
      *  Used a nuln oil diluted for the recesses and around the tail.  Worked good enough.  Wouldn't have minded a little more contrast, but still cute.
      *  I didn't highlight up the fleshy colors on the nose.  I somewhat feel it needs more of a "pop" and think it was a miss that I didn't.
      * The white is still on the weaker end and coudl have gone a little darker so I could bring the white hair forward more.  Using the zenithal highlight helped, but still wanted more.
      These were both super fast and only a handful of colors needed, so both bunnies were solid.  Open to any feedback ya got.  
      Now I gotta base them with something cute and fun...

    • By R2ED
      Finally the weekend!  What a wait it felt like to get here.  

      With it being the Easter weekend, I figured it'd be fitting to do some bunnies.  I had hoped to make these for a family member and ship them out, but that didn't pan out.  However, getting them painted is still better than not.
      *  The butterscotch coloring I saw on some rabbits on Whidbey Island, I couldn't help but use as inspiration.  Matching them to how they came out, I'd say was better than I expected.
      *  Using very, very simple colors and just pushing the colors up with mixing them worked great!
      *  Making the details come out more by using very faint streaks of diluted paint worked great to give the impression of individual hairs sticking through.  I think this will be used in other models I do as well.  
      *  Eyes have a nice pop to them, but was thinking some more color would be good.
      *  I was thinking of putting some wash in there to bring forward the creases, but I didn't want to lose that fun color.  Any suggestions?
      *  The eyes have a strangeness to them by highlighting the eye lids.  Would you all suggest doing dark instead of light around the eyes?
      *  Speaking of eyes I wasn't sure if putting a spot of white in there was good or not, so I held off.  
      Pretty happy with how this little bunny came out.

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