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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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Some more things I am currently working on: 


This pair has been on my desk a while. Just not feeling the superhero vibe. Any suggestions?




A 3d printed plant and one more from the Cats& Catacombs project:




Another terrain piece. One of the dragons goes on top, but it may not get painted. 





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1 hour ago, Hibou said:

It might be from dragons don’t share 2. 


It's by Bob and Julie and it matches DDS2, but a different dragon.  I'm using it as a test piece for DDS2.   I'd like to be able to replicate the local limestone which is used extensively in this area for building.   Some sample reference photos: 












It can vary quite a bit, creamy white when newly cut, quite a bit of iron rust, and nearly black when aged by weather. 




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Not easy to make out, but DH printed a bunch of new figures for me last night: 




They come from various sources, so I'm likely to take a break from Reaper for a while. 


BTW, I also got a 4-pack of Dulcote off Amazon this week. 



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@HibouWell, i think there's a few things to consider and we should wait until all members receive before we can really go nuts. 


That said, it's time to get the word going again to all members who originally expressed interest: Thunder, thunder, thunder cats hooooooooooo!







@Samuel Richards




I think that's the full crew?  Did i miss anyone? 

The spreadsheet is shared out to each of you so we're aware of what's on our lists.  It's also time to update your Bones 5 list on TAB 2 of that document.  I have to imagine we're at all at least in for core sets.  


I say we pick two options to do each week, that way it doesn't feel too limited for any person, or prevents overlap of someone if they already did it. 


1129 - grim reaper (humanoid) 

1035 - celestial stag (beast)


This way we can vary the type of things we do.  I might even go so far as to make a game of it by adding some dice rolls to this.  Just a thought. 


Would everyone be in agreement on those once we have our shipment show up?  If you get it ahead of the group, great!  It'll be fun to share at the agreed week. 


Who's in? 


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Those choices work for me. Even though I am in the 2nd wave, I expect to be delayed until the final containers arrive.


I am happy to say that I almost have my hobby room set up and can paint again. I also got some quick painting in on Saturday in a hotel room while waiting for my husband to finish his Spartan race. My move unpacking has gone slowly and mysteriously I have lost one giant five headed dragon that went from the old house, to the car, to the new house and promptly disappeared. How can that beast hide? In a town house? It is a mystery. Unlike most of my stuff, it never went into storage, even though I have gone through both units just in case.

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