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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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@Hiboui really appreciate that comment. I feel stagnant at times and progressing on others.  Having others help by telling me they can see it from the outside helps boost that confidence.  Much appreciated. 

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My pledge arrived today!


Except...I'd totally forgotten I'd made a couple of $5 pledges on other email addresses (in case any friends were interested after the fact), and when I locked all of my pledges I just tossed a gem dragon on those and called it good. My main pledge has not yet received postage lol.


So, here's a picture of my entire pledge! :lol:




(It refuses to stay together while being dryfit lol)



--OneBoot 😄

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4 hours ago, Ambrousis said:

From some of the other pictures I've seen of the gem dragon it looks like the base is somewhat hollow, I've got some ideas on LEDs for it and the loot golem. I'll know better once they show up.

I've been thinking about adding an LED to Krateryx the Shadow Dragon, but ill have to wait and see what state it comes in before I commit.


Been a while since I've had time to paint, but the next few days might turn the tide on some WIPs. Digging all the posts in here, it inspires me. KUDOS EVERYONE!!

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While I impatiently wait for my cra...err...miniatures to arrive, I've been thinking about the minis that @R2ED mentioned as possible candidates for the first Bones 5 items for the paint club.


For the stag, I want to try and do muted tones, but with blue and purple in the mane and tail, and rainbow swirls on white on the flanks. I think it will either look appropriately celestial, or like a long-lost cast member of my little pony. 

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15 hours ago, Ambrousis said:

From some of the other pictures I've seen of the gem dragon it looks like the base is somewhat hollow, I've got some ideas on LEDs for it and the loot golem. I'll know better once they show up.


I wish I had known that the gem dragon was made of clear plastic. It would make a perfect invisible dragon.

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My hobby time this week has been spent sorting minis, glueing them to magnetized bases, and storing them.  

I have kept the Bones 5 core set separate from the rest of my minis for the purposes of this club. 

Having spent a fair amount of time with them at this point, I will say I am fairly impressed.  They are on the whole very detailed and very few were in need of a hot water bath to reshape them. ( I think I have 4 separated out).  

They only place I have had any problems is with some of the joints having less defined slots and tabs than on some of the previous figures.  

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    • By Kalibak
      Some questions about the Bones 5 Learn To Paint Kit:
      1. The box says the figures in it are Bones, but those figures were all Bones Black in the Kickstarter. So is that a typo?
      2. Is there any new information in here that wasn’t in the previous kits or is it just a repeat of those lessons?
    • By R2ED
      I did this for my friend's xmas gift this year.  He's a big 80's kid, too.


      Battle report!
      The challenge here was trying to make them all individual more than just their head bands.  I wanted to differ their greens a little between them. I also wanted them to look sewer-ridden and dirty, but still hold contrast.  Came out pretty nice.  
      *Donatello was easily my favorite that came out of this batch.  His purple was a great mix and stood out. 
      *Leo had a fun blue that was brighter than expected and gave me the idea to put their respective colors in more areas on them. 
      *eyes were simple and effective. 
      *use of washes and lining came out good.
      * muscles all have strong definition (no pun)
      *bandages look grungy as intended, but did get a little too bright in the edges. 
      *absolute fail in trying to base with green on airbrush.  I may need to resign myself to simply saying i suck with an airbrush. 
      *shell colors needed a little more, but i couldn't figure out what's going wrong. 
      *i wanted to push the greens. But needed more something to push the values.  Yellow? White?  What do you raise green with?




    • By R2ED
      Just picking up on all the posts I've missed over the last few months.  







      Battle Report! 
      Turns out squigs are not just funny looking, they are funny to paint.  I loved these models and really found they took amazing to dry brushing. I was testing colors and layers.  
      * dry brush was excellent.  Used some cheapo makeup brushes and they did great. 
      * i used a purple glaze over orange and then built it up with orange further.  Looked good. 
      *  blue came out great, but i don't know what layers to use on it to give contrast like the purple orange one. 
      *teeth are all solid and look good. 
      *skin folds are natural looking and added freckles on some are much better than expected. 
      * the yellow one was testing out transparent paints and it went on like a dream. 
      *not too many complaints really.  These all came out more or less as expected.  
      * challenged by how low they are to the base and getting them with ground effects. 
      *never painted mushrooms and wasn't sure how to go about it. 




    • By R2ED
      Drinking is the least of his problems. Dumpster diving and leaving poop on roof tops easily shadows the drinking issue.  Although, maybe his problems stem from it?  

      Battle Report! 
      Sadly,  i didn't track my progress on this one.  I should have, dang it.  I was moving fast and trying to get it done quickly.  @Inarahposted that she had 6 figures to finish, so i wanted to try some.  I did this and one of the winged demons from Bones 5.
      *fur and raccoon look came out great! 
      *i let my daughter pick the main colors and it ended up being a perfect match on the triad color wheel - violet,  orange, green.  
      *values in cape worked great. 
      *pants looked cool. (I may never use pumpkin orange again.  Took me 6 coats and still i had to add an ink to it so it would be opaque. Lame. 
      *i struggled in the early stages, but pushed through.  Notably the belt straps and weapons were getting lost on the model.  
      *beer came out great. 
      *the pants. I want to blame the paint, but next time I'll be using an opaque blue. 
      *Eyes took me 4 tries. Still not great. 
      * boots look weird. 
      *think i should have used a different color for the stitching on the pants. Ideas? 

    • By R2ED
      Here's my first one of this set.  Came out decent.  I saw someone on Instagram do theirs and i really got inspired. 

      Battle Report! 
      *Using the color wheel again for the win.  Blue orange, red.  Fun. 
      *Shiney jewel on bracer came out nice. 
      *  hair is good (but also could be better) 
      * blue leather tunic layered up well.  Noticed that feathering works better for me than just swiping.
      *eyes are solid. 
      *attempted adding more scratches and detail to the axe head. 
      *axe wood effect worked nicely. 
      *  don't like the transition in the boots.
      * struggled a lot with the skin. 
      *hair and fingers are too close in color and kind of blend.  
      *still need to figure out how to highlight hair on curves and catch light. 
      *axe head two tone metal does not look good. 




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