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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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@billeecats I had the same feeling of what have I done when I first opened the big box, then again when I started putting together the core set. I'm certain I'll feel that way again when the next kickstarter for minis shows up, but thats not til next April so I've got a while. I also backed one for base toppers and quality brushes, those two are supposed to be arriving sometime next month.


@R2ED I have to keep things organized, I have OCD issues with organization. My boss loves it, cause it helps to keep the cooler at my store looking nice. I would have taken up more space if I could in the garage, but its not just my garage and we are still cleaning it up.

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@Ambrousis I feel that. I got the ReaperCon mega bundle, so whenever that arrives, I'll feel this twinge again, but then I'm not allowing myself to buy any more minis for a while.


On a different note, I love seeing others painting spaces. My current painting area is a folding table in our guest room, which is already too cramped because it has my desk for work as well (I work full time from home). We're hoping to move to a bigger home early next year, when I'll finally get an actual office, and some dedicated space for painting. I have so many ideas around how I'll organize that, but it's an evolving plan, and seeing what everyone else does with their painting spaces is great inspiration. 

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Tonight will be my first time painting in a while. I am going to do some highlighting on a group of Pathfinder goblins that I started a while ago and then abandoned.  For the most point they have all been basecoated and I am going to hit them with my new goblin flesh recipe.  Then finish off weapons and torches and such. 

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On 7/8/2021 at 5:03 AM, Ambrousis said:

From some of the other pictures I've seen of the gem dragon it looks like the base is somewhat hollow, I've got some ideas on LEDs for it and the loot golem. I'll know better once they show up.


The base is in two parts; the top part is hollow, and slots into the bottom part:






On 7/24/2021 at 8:11 PM, R2ED said:

Wait a minute... am i the only one left in this group who has not received bones 5 yet?  Please tell me this is not the case. 


I have 2 giant boxes arriving from Reaper tomorrow as well! I don't actually know whether it's my pledge, my minis for the classes I'm teaching at ReaperCon, or both, but one thing's for sure:





--OneBoot :D 

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Got my shipping notification last night! ARRIVES WEDNESDAY!  I might be the last one to get it in this group, but I can't wait to get started. I have to clean up the workstation from its current chaotic state when I get off work, and organize a bunch of foam I found for terrain projects. I wasn't expecting to stumble on 6 full sized sheets of that pink foam stuff and it's taking up more storage than I'd like. Also gotta figure where to put that pirate ship.....

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    • By R2ED
      Okay, so maybe he's not smelling his cloak.  But it sure did make a fun alternate for why he's posed like that. 

      I didn't do my normal battle report because i neglected to take photos while i was going.  I'm happy with this guy.  Kept it very very simple.  I'll still have to base him and a little clean up on the cloak, but overall I'm happy with him. 

    • By R2ED
      Since i didn't have my paints with me while on break, i was hungry to get back to it.  I guess i wasn't as full of turkey and stuffing as i thought. 

      As I'm posting this, i saw on his left leg that he's got an unpainted seal.  Dang it! 
      I made the bands on the blade smaller. 
      Added more metal details. 
      Added more accent color. 
      Tested two new paint color (silver grey, red. And German Grey). Each did great. 
      His backpack gave me some trouble.  I was gluing it on, but the post didn't push in and then it broke off.  Ended up doing some surgery back the but it's on. 






    • By R2ED
      Got another one in this week.  I'm on a roll!
      Still doing my work on these marines looking for a color combo I really like.  I completed Red, Blue, Green, and Black.  I've got 2 more color schemes to test, which are Grey and White.  We'll see in the coming days how much energy I've got for them.
      This one came out pretty good. 

      I still need to base and touch up his sword with more color, but he's pretty much done outside of that.  Enough for me to post in WIP.
      The process was pretty good and I'm learning that these sub-assemblies help a TON in getting to those insanely hard to reach spots.  I took pictures of what the sub assembly looks like just to what my method was and hopefully helps others struggling.  











    • By R2ED
      Finished the Paint job on another marine.  I'll need to come up with a cool base.  I planned out this time black, red, yellow, blue colors. 
      Here's the first one of this set up. 

      Here's the purebred. 
      Give me feedback.  If you'd like this black background let me know.

    • By R2ED
      Just keep on plugging away at these bones 5 set.  So so so much to paint still. 
      Here we go.  The necromancer.

      I am going to say i hate bone white from vallejo.  That stuff has terrible coverage.  Chalky.   And thinning it makes it take forever to dry.  Not a fan.  Every time i is it i think, "i should mark this bottle with an x."  
      I wanted the cape to be darker red, but it still works.  I was nearly going to paint it purple and make her clothes red, but didn't.  She looks way way way too colorful for a necromancer, but it's what it is now.  






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