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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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My Bones 5 order has arrived!!! OMG IM SO STOKED! So far I can only do the initial damage inspection - my pirate ship box has a nasty dent, but the ship itself seems unharmed. Alas I am at work(had my order shipped to my job because our neighborhood has had package thieves in the past) so inventory will have to wait until tonight. I snuck a peek and noticed that I got Sophie's Lucky Dice... I cannot explain why I'm so excited to have them... they will live behind my DM screen forever now.

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I think we had decided to start with Death and/or the Celestial Stag for our first figures. Which of the two dudes with scythes is Death? The one holding an hourglass or the one swinging the scythe? To be safe I am prepping both.


My shelves of shame are now officially a room of shame.  I think I will be bring several large totes to ReaperCon just so that I can use every spare minute to get painting done.

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Alright, Team.  I'm unboxed mostly.  I spent a money of hours just going through these beauties.  However, my paint station is wrecked because I'm moving stuff around to make a new space.  I'm aiming for Sunday completion.  


This is a great thing to have all our stuff and everyone's jazzed. 

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I haven't found my dice yet, I think I might be one of the ones that didn't get one. I'll email reaper about them and any other issues I have once I finish going through them all. Though if the dice is all I'm missing I might just skip it. I know its wrong to say, but I've got plenty of dice as it is.

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1 hour ago, buckyball said:

You gonna paint those miniatures or whistle Dixie?

LOL, dunno about him, but I whistled. While I assembled. :lol:


I've got most of my core set assembled now, except a handful of minis that I want to basecoat before assembly. The expansion sets are more or less all pre-assembled, except for the larger minis. I do still need to go through each expansion properly, but I don't *think* I am missing anything from my order except two sets of 2" bases. 


The celestial stag and grim reaper have now appeared on my painting table. 



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I picked those two so you can pick which one (or both)  you want to do.  Trying to keep a variety each week will be good so it's not only one type.  Just finished pulling out the bolt in shelving that was in this closet (soon to be office), spackled the holes, and painted.  Next up, trim. Then i get to fill it with my stuff.  Wooo hooo. 


Previous color from prior homeowner. 



New color.



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I had a lot of conference calls this week so I was able to do some assembling - I am on my second bottle of gorilla glue. The pile next to my desk seems undiminished. I still have the majority of the core set and a big bag from the various expansions. Sadly, I have to do actual work today and my assembly has come to a temporary halt. The weekend will be dedicated to organizing I think and hopefully painting. I have started base coating the Reaper and have some ideas for the stag.


And I just got a box of MORE stuff from Dungeons and Lasers - buried in plastic.

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      *Donatello was easily my favorite that came out of this batch.  His purple was a great mix and stood out. 
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      Turns out squigs are not just funny looking, they are funny to paint.  I loved these models and really found they took amazing to dry brushing. I was testing colors and layers.  
      * dry brush was excellent.  Used some cheapo makeup brushes and they did great. 
      * i used a purple glaze over orange and then built it up with orange further.  Looked good. 
      *  blue came out great, but i don't know what layers to use on it to give contrast like the purple orange one. 
      *teeth are all solid and look good. 
      *skin folds are natural looking and added freckles on some are much better than expected. 
      * the yellow one was testing out transparent paints and it went on like a dream. 
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      Battle Report! 
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      *fur and raccoon look came out great! 
      *i let my daughter pick the main colors and it ended up being a perfect match on the triad color wheel - violet,  orange, green.  
      *values in cape worked great. 
      *pants looked cool. (I may never use pumpkin orange again.  Took me 6 coats and still i had to add an ink to it so it would be opaque. Lame. 
      *i struggled in the early stages, but pushed through.  Notably the belt straps and weapons were getting lost on the model.  
      *beer came out great. 
      *the pants. I want to blame the paint, but next time I'll be using an opaque blue. 
      *Eyes took me 4 tries. Still not great. 
      * boots look weird. 
      *think i should have used a different color for the stitching on the pants. Ideas? 

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