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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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I couldn't find my two readily available, so i picked up two i had primed already.  I'll still find the other two, but wanted to finish something easy. 


I've done the minitaurs before,  but tried more flesh tone this time.  And... for the win did the non metallic metal.  Yay. 




Nmm on this one was not so good.  This was mainly drybrush.  


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The NMM looks good on both! You could try pushing the highlights a bit more, I think, especially on the minotaur armor. I do really like the purple on her skirt.


Also, funny you should say that about not having your two handy. I'm looking for the wolf now, and I could swear he was with the other monsters in the core set when I sorted through them, but I'm likely going to have to turn out all the other bags now to find him. 

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Update: In my infitine wisdom, I put the wolves in with the other undead in a baggie helpfully titled "Undead/nonliving" 😁


The unseen servant and the wolves are washed and air drying. I'll prime them when they're dry, and in the meantime work on my other in progress minis. My office is too hot to paint in right now, so I'm likely going to start in a couple hours. 

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These colors will change a bit as I work on him, but I'm happy so far! 


He's currently painted in all Vallejo colors and man, they are so glossy. It's all I have here though (I'm painting at a friend's place). I'll do most of my layering in Reaper colors. 

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Alright.  I found both the zombie wolf and mr apparition.  Turns out i had a bag of constructs that i organized him in.  Duh.


He came out pretty good.  To keep his transparency i used a matte varnish and inks to get the initial layer.  Unfortunately i lost the control on the upper half, so he's opaque. But, i do like the bottom half roiling into the top half. Cool effect. 




I also had the colors out and want to try different color rocks for these Boulderkin folks.  On this one i used the blues from my Floating apparition.  He looks pretty cool. 

Not sure what rock he'd be with that color, but i still like him. 




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@R2ED The blue and white smoke effect looks really neat on the unseen servant! Nice work.


I haven't looked closely at my boulderkin yet, but I like where you're going. I might paint them as glowing lava rocks, just to give myself a new thing to try. 


I finished the bookkeeper. I'm using the term finished loosely - I haven't sealed him, just in case I want to smooth out some of the sloppy work. 




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    • By R2ED
      Since i didn't have my paints with me while on break, i was hungry to get back to it.  I guess i wasn't as full of turkey and stuffing as i thought. 

      As I'm posting this, i saw on his left leg that he's got an unpainted seal.  Dang it! 
      I made the bands on the blade smaller. 
      Added more metal details. 
      Added more accent color. 
      Tested two new paint color (silver grey, red. And German Grey). Each did great. 
      His backpack gave me some trouble.  I was gluing it on, but the post didn't push in and then it broke off.  Ended up doing some surgery back the but it's on. 






    • By R2ED
      Got another one in this week.  I'm on a roll!
      Still doing my work on these marines looking for a color combo I really like.  I completed Red, Blue, Green, and Black.  I've got 2 more color schemes to test, which are Grey and White.  We'll see in the coming days how much energy I've got for them.
      This one came out pretty good. 

      I still need to base and touch up his sword with more color, but he's pretty much done outside of that.  Enough for me to post in WIP.
      The process was pretty good and I'm learning that these sub-assemblies help a TON in getting to those insanely hard to reach spots.  I took pictures of what the sub assembly looks like just to what my method was and hopefully helps others struggling.  











    • By R2ED
      Finished the Paint job on another marine.  I'll need to come up with a cool base.  I planned out this time black, red, yellow, blue colors. 
      Here's the first one of this set up. 

      Here's the purebred. 
      Give me feedback.  If you'd like this black background let me know.

    • By R2ED
      Just keep on plugging away at these bones 5 set.  So so so much to paint still. 
      Here we go.  The necromancer.

      I am going to say i hate bone white from vallejo.  That stuff has terrible coverage.  Chalky.   And thinning it makes it take forever to dry.  Not a fan.  Every time i is it i think, "i should mark this bottle with an x."  
      I wanted the cape to be darker red, but it still works.  I was nearly going to paint it purple and make her clothes red, but didn't.  She looks way way way too colorful for a necromancer, but it's what it is now.  






    • By R2ED
      Got the first set of 5 done.  I bought 5 Santas (one was in my bones 5), 4 Mrs. Claus, 4 Christmas mouselings.   I'm preparing a holiday ornament and diorama for friends to give them. 
      Santa is now complete, but still need to get him on his base with Mrs. Claus.

      Battle Report! 
      I painted my first santa with a black primer.   It took about 4 or 5 layers to get red to actually show and not look washed out.  I just happened across a youtube video where Paintman Journeying was talking about how laying pink under red will help coverage and saturation.   Was worth a try for how many red clothes characters i was about to do. 
      I then took all of them to base coat with airbrush. And not only that, it gave me a great way to go through more of the BCA pink i have 5 bottles of.   Finally i can use it on more things!   Warning for others: BCA pink has weird coverage. It's very very very very chalky. I hadn't noticed it on my small parts i use to paint it on like tongues or trinkets, but on big areas i really noticed.  
      The assembly like setup on these worked great. Painted in this order:
      Coat, pants, hat first. 
      Santa's gift bag (different red)  next. 
      Cream trims next. 
      Teddy bear.
      Washes on face and bear. 
      Gloves, boots, and belt. 
      Packages and trim. 
      So far so good. 







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