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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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I couldn't find my two readily available, so i picked up two i had primed already.  I'll still find the other two, but wanted to finish something easy. 


I've done the minitaurs before,  but tried more flesh tone this time.  And... for the win did the non metallic metal.  Yay. 




Nmm on this one was not so good.  This was mainly drybrush.  


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The NMM looks good on both! You could try pushing the highlights a bit more, I think, especially on the minotaur armor. I do really like the purple on her skirt.


Also, funny you should say that about not having your two handy. I'm looking for the wolf now, and I could swear he was with the other monsters in the core set when I sorted through them, but I'm likely going to have to turn out all the other bags now to find him. 

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Update: In my infitine wisdom, I put the wolves in with the other undead in a baggie helpfully titled "Undead/nonliving" 😁


The unseen servant and the wolves are washed and air drying. I'll prime them when they're dry, and in the meantime work on my other in progress minis. My office is too hot to paint in right now, so I'm likely going to start in a couple hours. 

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Alright.  I found both the zombie wolf and mr apparition.  Turns out i had a bag of constructs that i organized him in.  Duh.


He came out pretty good.  To keep his transparency i used a matte varnish and inks to get the initial layer.  Unfortunately i lost the control on the upper half, so he's opaque. But, i do like the bottom half roiling into the top half. Cool effect. 




I also had the colors out and want to try different color rocks for these Boulderkin folks.  On this one i used the blues from my Floating apparition.  He looks pretty cool. 

Not sure what rock he'd be with that color, but i still like him. 




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@R2ED The blue and white smoke effect looks really neat on the unseen servant! Nice work.


I haven't looked closely at my boulderkin yet, but I like where you're going. I might paint them as glowing lava rocks, just to give myself a new thing to try. 


I finished the bookkeeper. I'm using the term finished loosely - I haven't sealed him, just in case I want to smooth out some of the sloppy work. 




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      * dry brush was excellent.  Used some cheapo makeup brushes and they did great. 
      * i used a purple glaze over orange and then built it up with orange further.  Looked good. 
      *  blue came out great, but i don't know what layers to use on it to give contrast like the purple orange one. 
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      *i struggled in the early stages, but pushed through.  Notably the belt straps and weapons were getting lost on the model.  
      *beer came out great. 
      *the pants. I want to blame the paint, but next time I'll be using an opaque blue. 
      *Eyes took me 4 tries. Still not great. 
      * boots look weird. 
      *think i should have used a different color for the stitching on the pants. Ideas? 

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