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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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Primed Lysette's dress and staff, have not decided on a color scheme. Considering going dark, making her a dark elf... or giving her a necromancer look. Something different. 


Jakob and the male Witch Hunter got based in twilight blue, from the Grey Blues 09707 triad. Going with the traditional dark coats and brown leather look. 


Have a game tomorrow, so Sunday will be painting. 

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She's not going to get much better than this.  I have to be careful not to go down that road of, "well maybe i could add a color here...". 


This is where she's at until i base. 




Aaaaand here's Jakob, too. 


I'll leave my notes and stuff in WIP on what i did better or worse for both of these. 


I just want to state how awesome it was to have a drive to do these this weekend with you all. 




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I'm in the home stretch now with Lysette, really hoping to finish her tonight. Besides fixing a few mistakes I just have to paint the flowers in her hair, the staff crystal, her eyes and her sword details. My partner chose a magical glowing sword for her -  another first attempt for me, so I'm saving that for last. A couple of her leather bits may need a do-over with a different brown, they all seem to have blended together too much. The only detail I'm having trouble with is the inside of her dress by her leg. My partner suggesting trying a galaxy but that is a bit beyond my scope at this point with time flying by, so I may end up trying some stars and a constellation instead...

Above all, I love being a member of this paint club. Having a communal goal to finish a model within a week has taught me a lot about my time management and given me more drive to paint. I have more models and paints on the way(as if I didn't have enough), including the new Bones USA model "Darius the Wizard" which I can't wait to paint. He's perfect for an evil NPC in my D&D campaign.

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Thank you!  I really struggled with the scabbard thinking it was too bright.  I ended up taking the note another person gave me when i put it on WIP that the match the scabbard could be the gem. Duh! Worked way better.  I'm always cautious on going back to make a fix because pefectionism can be costly.  


The whole reason to do this is to make them better, so I'm pretty happy with making small changes.  I can't wait to see what everyone else has done.   Please post your work so we can all share in the group win!  


As for our next endeavor- shall i pull from the list tonight and set up our next week's mini?   


@Inarahyou can put take the x out of that cell.  I may need to add a new line per person indicating how many have been completed.  That might be fun to see,too.

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