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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?

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I’m in just about the same situation as Ambrousis.  I am working almost 70 hours this week.  I did get one zombie wolf mostly done but i won’t have any more time to paint before Labor Day.  

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To all, I'll just keep banging away on the sets i have until anyone posts what the next two are.  


My plan is to start diving into some of these bigger monstrosities.  The more i get into painting the more i realize I'm not a fan of painting heroes.  Strange?  It's like the thing that drew me to the hobby, yet i find them the least fun.  


As things around the country keep escalating, I'm feeling less confident we'll be keeping things open much longer.  With flu season coming and covid going off the charts again, it might be we'll all hunker down to get some painting in soon.  I hope that is not the case, though. 


My goals this season: 

Halloween diorama

Try testing some paints on a warhammer kit

Prep xmas gifts


That's going to keep me nice and entertained between Paint Club and work.  Thankfully no more travel for a while. 


Good luck on your stuff, Team.  I hope we can all participate more in months ahead.  

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4 hours ago, R2ED said:

To all, I'll just keep banging away on the sets i have until anyone posts what the next two are.

My plan for this Sunday is to paint my wolf and unseen servant, and then pick the next two 😆


I'll probably grab something from the featured monster series, and maybe Murkillor. I've been kinda eyeing him as next. 


I'm off all of next week, so if everything goes as planned, I'll be painting quite a bit. 

I also want to get some Halloween painting done, and the core set has some real cool minis I want to get some paint on. 

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Over the weekend, I hung out with my Dungeon Master and he made a request for me to paint up all my undead/zombies from bones 5 to use in our D&D campaign. Anyone have objections to painting a couple undead models for the next round?  I'll be trying to paint all the undead as soon as possible regardless of which minis get selected for the group(Im totally fine with whatever y'all want to do), but ill be starting with these in the meantime:


Bones 5 undead.jpg

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I like it!  Skellies it is!  Huzzah!


Dated and added to the paint club sheet.  Although, the numbers don't add up to the right thing.  Oh well, winging it.









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Those should work out nicely for me.  My brother got me the GW death rattle skeletons for my birthday and I am finally done with working endless overtime. 

This is where I had to abandoned my undead wolf.  I will return to it and get some blood on those ribs and do some black lining around the mouth and put some rosy flesh tone in the inside of the ears.FFB11797-8DA0-4299-9474-A8BFBB4F0107.thumb.jpeg.fff97e02864f79643692862c78c2a1ae.jpegFEDD094C-8C13-482A-A58E-49554023C3D7.thumb.jpeg.d15e5491b56c8718da35461042c8c81f.jpeg7B010CEA-BDDF-4394-BD6E-19A7D9D389E3.thumb.jpeg.89bad6cb273c9676b6941a0decbb0ae2.jpeg

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It's good to see everyone's pics of their wips and completed minis! I'm about done with my unseen servant, and just need to dry brush and pick out some details on the wolves.


But, in the ongoing saga of this year not being kind to me health-wise, I had to get an emergency root canal today because of a tooth that flared up earlier in the week, and no part of that has been pleasant. I'm out for the count today, and likely tomorrow, but hopefully I can get those two done, and start on the skellies soon after that. 


On 9/7/2021 at 10:27 PM, R2ED said:

Dated and added to the paint club sheet.  Although, the numbers don't add up to the right thing.  Oh well, winging it.


I fixed the numbers. I thiught I'd already done that, but in all my wisdom, I fixed it in my local copy. They should be good in the shared sheet now. 

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1 hour ago, R2ED said:

I'm waiting on my skeletons to dry...


But since I'm waiting i did these. 






And this guy




I love how fast you're knocking these out, and at a fairly consistent level too! Nice work. 

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    • By R2ED
      Still cooking with gas this week.  Got another painted. 
      I still need to finish the back of his staff, paint his shoes, and base him, but major parts are done. 

      Nothing major learned this time.  Still getting my balance of colors and layering carefully.
      * green skin was fun and came out strong.  May need to go a wee bit lighter on the highlights. 
      * fur and skin on reverse side of cape was fun.  Tried to give it a tanned look. I think it may have come out a bit jaundice colored...oh well. Still like it. 
      *  wood grain on staff could be improved, but happy with it. 
      *  very carefully did the skulls.  Took about 5 or 6 passes at them, but they came out nicely shaded and subtle.  
      *  thank goodness i didn't have to do eyes.  His brow did the work for me. 
      * red color on the skull staff...meh.
      *  speaking of skull staff i went too far when i painted red and covered the jaw bone of the skull.  Whoops. Painted on.   Who'd notice if i didn't tell you?  Oh,wait.  Dang it.
      *  forgot to go back and highlight and contrast the teeth more. 
      I need a good base for this dude.  He came out strong.  I mean, not physically because he's an orc, i mean the paint job.  
      Got suggestions? 
      Here's the painting process.








    • By R2ED
      Got it based and finished.  Hooray! 

    • By R2ED
      I bought this little model at a local game store that had it in the clearance bin.  I thought it looked cool, I love Star Wars, so why not buy it?  However, a year ago, I wasn't at the level to paint it.  I primed it.  Based it.  And then let it sit for a loooooong time on the shelf without touching it.  
      Today was the day.

      This was a great model for me to test layers on.  Over the last 4 models I've painted, I've really picked up a new rhythm and life for painting, which feels so good to get some wind back in my sails.  I still have to finish the desert-ish base for Greedo, but I think his paint job looks solid.
      * Keeping my palette of colors out and planned helped so much!  I've picked my layering colors, laid them out in the wet palette and am saving time.  
      *  Mixing colors is also much easier by keeping similar tones.  In his vest, and arm/pant panels, I used leather as the base.  In his pants and jacket, I used a stormy gray to highlight up.  
      *  Alien Flesh!!!  I've been sitting on this color, I don't know how long.  I was thinking, "Gosh, if only I had a light green that would work with an alie...OH MY GOD!
      *  Learning my own recipe of water-to-paint ratios to allow for washes feels great!  Gives my painting more flexibility.
      *  Eyes.  When they are that big, it makes it pretty easy to do them.  I need to work on the reflections still, but I am happy with them.  Using Indigo Blue and up to Rich Indigo then mixing in white up to white.  Works.
      *  Got sloppy twice and ended up swiping leather color over my pants and jacket 2 times.  Thankfully I could catch and fix, but it was a few 'choice words' I may have said when I did it.  
      *  Used a blue tack for the handle I was using and unfortunately, it didn't stick as well to my homemade metal base.  It nearly fell into the paint palette.  He nearly ended up as messy as my shorts.  I nearly crapped myself.  Also followed by more choice words.
      *  I tried using brown liner around the jacket and separation in the pockets on the vest, but it just didn't work like I had hoped.  I need to learn how to darken in a similar color without going too dark and stark of a change.  
      Would love to hear your feedback.  Let me know what you think can be improved or worked on.  I appreciate any and all comments.
      Here's my process photos and my inspiration image.






    • By R2ED
      I realize it's not the weekend, when I usually post up my work, but I'm on a roll lately and decided to push my luck. 

      I'm trying to continue to push the values, contrast, and simplify my colors.  
      Tried to keep her to hero colors: Blue, Purple, Red, and some leather.
      The real win in this model was the hair.  I'm so, so, so, so happy with the hair.  Sure, it's on the bold yellow of blonde, but I got the volumes of it.  Finally!  I've taken a lot of feedback on the hair and just didn't get it.  This one finally lined up and blonde felt doable.  Keeping the highlights toward where the light hits the bend in the hair has been really tough for me, so this was a win.
      Other feedback I used from prior posts that I was given:
      1.  Used brown liner to, well, brown line things.  
      2.  Pushed the colors as high as I could.  Actually the boots are a good example I went too far and it looks less blended.
      3.  Layered the paint lighter and took more layers to get desired result.
      4.  Have your palette out first and don't just keep reaching for the next color.  (Big, big win)
      The areas that still needed help are her skin, the eyes, that weird leather satchel, the detail on the leather straps, edge highlighting, but all that - I still think the hair was my happy moment.
      Here's the pictures of the progress.



      By the time I got here, I was struggling and really, really rethinking my color choices.  I accidently used the purple in the area I meant to use tan.  Just keep going with it because that's a learning experience in itself.


      Here is where I darkened the leather and red areas with a succubus kiss wash.  I needed to deepen the leather color and help bring some shade forward.  Questionable doing that again...

      Tried to give her blue eyes and then realized that was not working.  Went right back to the black dot.  Wah wah.

    • By R2ED
      Got this one done and feeling pretty good about it.  I'm leaning into thinner paints and smoother transitions.  This was a fun one. 

      As always I'd love your feedback.  
      (I love his shield) 
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