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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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Well if that’s game is the goal then painting is a means to an end.   If what you enjoy is the painting of lots of different models then  painting a bunch of Space marines is probably not for you.   

that being said Game Workshop is pretty much the gold standard in multi part plastic models at the moment.  I have a bunch of their undead and their goblins and trolls. And they are some amazing minis 

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Sadly,i paint minis just to paint.  Some day I'd love to find a group that has a regular get together to play something.  Until then i gotta figure out how to get these off my hands. I am overloaded with minis painted.  Not based though on many of them.   



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Here's the one I'm going to pick for next week. 



I've also started up 3 other space marines.  I'm trying to figure out what color paint i want to do them in?   I think I'm going to try 3 in classic blue and two in green. 


Here they are primed. 








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@Hiboui found the Ranger difficult too.  May i ask what happened?  What caught you up? 


I had some hiccups on the quiver, shoulder cloak, and hair. 


I have dusted my necromancer with pale sand, but i ended up picking up a lot of things i shouldn't have. I hope i haven't overloaded my plate. 

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@HibouI've been trying to avoid metallic on actual metal.  The purple armor (because who hasn't seen purple metal before)  seemed a good replacement and let me tie in a color in more places.  Since so much of her had a metal armor on it have me a reason to go with color.  There's one orc I've tried painting 3 times and finally i realized i hate him.   This guy:




That picture is after his 2nd priming and attempting oils, layering,  and cueing a shoeld i did in blue to contrast the green.  Wah wah.  


There are some models i just go,  "well, that's going to scrap for Frankensteining something else later."  I have realized if i don't enjoy them or feel like I'm making progress, I've got about 400 others to work on.  I do keep my pictures as reminders to help me see development (or reasons why i said 'screw this').


I stupidly got more of these space marines.  I've got 6 ready in sub assembly.20211115_225459.thumb.jpg.11cf1cc44b8b4d10737267e29f224829.jpg


Then i have another 5 prepped, bodies only, on bases.  I'm stoked to start, but intimidated by knowing how much time these take.  My plan is doing: 

2 red

2 yellow

1 white

1 black

And something i learn from all of them with the captains. We'll see how this goes. 


Simultaneously I've set my holiday gift minis up for prep and am doing 3 as test and then going for assembly line. Also a big project.  I know i need to finish these before the 10th so i can base, varnish, and pack for getting there before xmas.  Oi! So much! 










I also have to do the necromancer, which i picked for this 2 week stretch.  


So to say I'm on a full hobby plate that i am guilty of doing to myself.   The reward for getting through all of it will be sweeeeeeeet.  I just need to keep my $hit together and hold to a plan. 

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