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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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Rabbit came out really nice. I like that red/brown you got on her pants.  I probably won't place an order this month, but I may get her at some point in the future. 


Spent the weekend messing about with a bunch of different stuff.  I am trying to get more terrain painted.  I started on these vines/thorns from KS5 before New Year's.  They are a PITA. Hard to put together because they don't fit well into the sockets. Then hard to paint because of all the crossed branches. I suggest priming/base coating before assembly on these.  Every time I pick one up I see a spot I missed.  This is the beginning, I hope to get more layers of color on them soon: 




Working on more fence sections I got last summer.  The one in front has a base coat and first layer of highlights. Hope to get it to match the one in back.  




Completed three piles of random crates and barrels for table scatter.  These were 3d printed. (Fantasy Props, by STL Miniatures)




Making progress on one of the figures, still trying to decide on colors for the other: 




And I did a weapon swap on Raccoon, so I can use him in a sci-fi game: 




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Duuuude! Rocket!  I love the raccoon upgrade!  


Your scatter terrain looks nice and realistic.  Dig it. 


I primed that heroine figure, but didn't take a swing yet.  But i will.  I was very happy to see you put up some targets for me to chase after with you (or any of our little club).  


I had some of those fences way early on in my painting a year ago, but I've come a long way since.  I need to try and update them a little.  Not much... but a little. 


Keep up your painting. I love seeing it. 

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In progress...




And I have these guys on the side: 




And I just primed another handful of figures:




Very unlikely these last two groups will get done any time soon, but we had a couple of warm days so i took advantage of it to prep some things.


Oh, Bones6 is supposed to start in late March, says Ron. 



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On 12/11/2021 at 5:36 AM, R2ED said:

One full xmas gift done.  



I love building these mini's because to be able to pay for my history essay examples coursework homework at my university from writers - https://writix.co.uk/essay-examples/history and also I am enjoying the process of building itself. So it's a win-win situation.



It's so satisfying to see how your work was done step-by-step.


I liked that they are in "fit" shape.


On 1/22/2022 at 2:35 AM, R2ED said:

Nice job!  I got one on two nights back, too.






Is it Gimli? 😃


Edited by Edward J. Hawkes
additional pic of Gimli
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@Edward J. Hawkesthanks for checking out the work.  I haven't been on top of my listing out my last few minis and their steps, but I'm glad you find them helpful. 


As for the Dwarf mini, he's one of the Dwarf Crypt some of us picked up on the Bones 5 kickstarter.  There's another person on Instagram that did some really cool work on her dwarves that i took inspiration from.  I've only done two of them so far, but they came out decent. 


I've been putting a lot of time into using a color wheel and picking triads or complementary colors to help make the scheme visually interesting. 


Your minis pay for your course work? Holy hell!  I'm sitting on a ton of these I'd love for someone to buy, play with, and use more than just be on my shelf of addiction.


@Inarah i saw that new palette from army painter that's a new wet palette and a glass palette. Kind of interesting stuff.   I like your scatter.  Curious to see how that's going to come out. 


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Nice work on those last two dead guys. 


I've been messing around with some of the random stuff I primed before it got cold.  




These are paint catchers. Whenever I have a bit of leftover color I paint it on something.  Today I had a lot of leftover grey. 


I also got a base coat on these terrain pieces. 




Hope everyone is keeping warm and dry. 



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Talk about busy!  I can't seem to line up enough time to get some painting in.  Looks me to see all the ones i primed and not get to them.  


I'm going to try a little truth the week and invest in little parts of hobby time, but just painting.  I can clean and prep, or prime.  I just know to paint will take me hours, which i may not be able to dedicate.   And i hate starting and stopping if I'm painting. The other things can be done in stages. 


I hope all is well with everyone else.  


Something else I'm going to try is doing monthly focused items.  Spring rabbits, leprechauns, frosty bases.  Things that represent the month we're in a bit.   We'll see how that goes. 

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