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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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I didn't get any painting done this week, but it was warm enough yesterday and today to spray some of the stuff I painted earlier this winter.  So stuff is still moving down the pipeline.  To that end I pulled out and washed several figures at random, and am trying to ID them: 


Rivani, Pathfinder psychic

Adowyn, Pathfinder ranger

serving girl (townsfolk 1)

farmer (townsfolk 1)

necromancer/wizard guy

2x broken crypts (no Dust King)

gloom stalker

B5 multipart fighter guy


It will be a while before they see paint.   Next warm spell we get I will try to remember to put primer on them. 


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This one was my sacrificial dwarf i used to test transparent paints.  Cool, but still a long way to go.  I don't fully understand the properties..yet.



This guy was a color test.  I used about 5 colors and tried really hard to mix and keep to them.  Turned out pretty good.  



My favorite part was painting the bushy eye brows. 

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Reaper's Clear paints are just single-pigment colors.  So red is red, with no black, white, green or anything mixed with it. They're not meant to be transparent.  They are good if you like to mix your own colors.  I like the red wizard.  Nice clean look.  How did you manage to get fur texture on the mouse! 


Identified the following additional figures I washed yesterday: 

Ungorth (necromancer)

graveyard altar

milk maid

Krass, evil paladin (multipart fighter)

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Ah, I misunderstood.  Never heard of Monument Hobbies and have not used their paint so I can't comment.  What you're doing looks cool though. 


Hoping for a good day of painting tomorrow.  Have a lot of figures at 80-90% done, just need to focus and get them finished. 



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Rawr!  Very colorful. 


This is what I've been working on, for one of the players in my group: 




It's a cat-person barbarian. I'm very pleased with the leather so far.  Face and spear obviously need more work.  Lots of little details on this one. Need to have it ready before Saturday. 



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I've got all 5 of these elves primed up, but only have 2 painted so far. Testing blending and cape design.  Also did a slight addition of the sword to one of them from the weapons pack. 






And then this finally got based. 

I love working with that water effects stuff.  So cool! 



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