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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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Based him!  Woo hoo!








Also working on this guy but losing steam.  Was trying a cool nmm effect, but didn't quite pull it off on the armor. Shield worked, but armor isn't hitting. Still need to do the pauldrons, sword, and head. 



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I think you need more contrast on the armor, you've got too much midtone. Needs more shadow and highlights. 


I'm still plugging away at various things, but no pictures right now.  My new computer is still not set up so I can easily move pictures from my camera to the internet. 


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Thanks, I'll be watching the new releases page for some cool new chronoscope, or maybe save it for the end of year and get myself something during the holidays. 


I finally got my old camera working with my new PC and I can share pics again.  I'm sorry these are not very good, I've got to work on lighting, but I have finished a few things this month.  These guys are destined for my Stargrave table. 










Those last two are space goblins by Tim Prow.  I think I'm going to re-paint the purple collar, the color should have worked but it looks really wrong in the photo. 



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