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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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Got#2 done!  Although, this one was a considerable challenge due to the lack of detail in the mold. I found had to use black lining to bring out detail. Or add something like the checker pattern on the helm. Far from my favorite. 


I'll post the difficulties in the WIP. Good news is you all had me dying to paint again this weekend.  Thanks for the push.  Now i may want to venture into those old 80s Ral Parthas that got sent to me.  


Let's go, Team!  Get that paint on! 


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Nice work on the crab. I'm always a fan of naturalistic coloration on creatures.  I'm planning to pick up another one of those and do a pair sometime. 


Not sure how much is visible but I made progress today. Much happier with the blue coats on the guys, and the woman with the skull mask is done. I have to paint the face on the woman in blue and she'll be done. 




Also cleaned and based a ninja figure for later, and started cleaning up 4017 Aeowyn.  My cast is very rough and needs a lot of surface prep. With temps this week I can't prime but I want to have stuff ready for when the weather breaks. 


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46 minutes ago, R2ED said:

@Inarahthey all look awesome.   Again, the all blue squad is a cool touch.  Who is the one with Hell Boy's Good Samaritan? 


From left to right:

59043 male ripper

59042 female ripper

59044 ripper crusader

44013 Jakob (vampire hunter)


Didn't intend for them to all be blue, but there's only so much you can do with a long coat and I did not want to go all black. 


If you like Hellboy you ought to look up SKU: 80058 

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I got work done yesterday, but looks like today will be drywall and flooring day. Sorry for the picture, but I am currently working on a folding table in the living room with whatever I can get out of the half packed boxes. 

KS4 625 Stone giant champion

KS4 626 Stone giant carver

77336 Stone giant

77924 skeletal chimera


Not sure what I will do next week, should know and post by Tuesday. I might even have a space to set up the nice new lightbox from the RVE hobby box. I am loving the paint rack.


Paint club1.jpg

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