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Book Club, but for minis - Reaper Club?


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I really like how that green cloak came out. 


Finished my stone golem and posted some things in show off.  Got an idea for the Rocky brush holder in blue: 




And thinking about sculpting this to make it a bit more like a house cat.



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Nice clean work on the yellow. 


I just tried to keep mine simple.  It had a blast of white primer on the face and torso so I kept that as the fur color and used the bright teal for the clothing.  Had to mix various browns for the rest.  Used a little dark wash on the instrument and the barrel.  Didn't have time to do anything fancy. 



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@R2ED you've been busy.  I especially like the rabbit in blue.  Where did the phase cat figure come from?  I've got one on a t-shirt. 


Spent some time in the basement today messing around with figures.  Making progress on the vampire hunter and related terrain: 



The green guy in the background there is getting based. 


Got a base coat and wash on my Viceroy drone:




Still painting terrain, today was these column caps: 




Ordered a box of random stuff from Reaper last week and would like to get to one of the bee folk soonish. 



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