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Feeding time! 77032,


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My Secret Sophie arrived at its destination i can share with everyone.  My recipient wanted something cute.  I thought it would be cute to have a man feeding his pet.  Just because his pet happens to be a rust weevil should not be held against him. 


I saw the barbarian and it looked like he was throwing the swords rather than. Actually using them to hit anything.  I also had a spare rust weevil and the whole thing just came together.


Roger got the old swords out of the box from his adventuring days.  It had been a while since he'd been out to the dungeons but at the rate George was going through weapons, he was either going to need to buy a new crate or go delving.  Maybe this time he'd just buy a box of old weapons, let the younger kids go fight the baddies.  These two look okay.  He grabs the weapons and heads out to the field.  When he reached the edge of the field he looks out over the fine red and tan soil and dust.  HEY GEORGE!  He yells out over the field.  In moments George shows up jumping and chittering.  "Hey George" he says again, "its dinnertime!  FETCH!"20210117_172738.thumb.jpg.4f3f575fd10c5f5a4c6f51394f557488.jpg




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1 hour ago, Kuroneko said:

Awesome! Fantastic paint job and a brilliant interpretation of the minis! 


It was fun to do.  I could really see an older barbarian finding a nest and having 1 leftover rust weevil hatch and bond just as he's leaving  then it saves his life las he's leaving the dungeon by eating a goblin army's weapons and scaring them into running.


I had a lot of fun imagining this one!

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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Love the idea!

Good work!


Thanks!   I love the weird pets concept.  A fee years ago I got a couple of books called Baby Beastiary 1 and 2.  They gave me a whole new appreciation for adventurers and pets (not to mention some amazingly cute artwork!)  Which has led to some interesting dioramas and some very interesting encounters with my group. (Like the old wizard who buys any magic item or spellbook that no one else wants so he can feed Maryolin his pet disenchanter beast. And a bard who uses mini gelatinous cubes to clean the habitrail she keeps her pet rats in)


3 hours ago, Smallbunyanga said:

Love the mini diorama 

Thanks small scale dioramas can be a lot of fun and are much easier to store andisplay!

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