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"Official" CAV Paint Schemes


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OK, in an effort to help with players trying to "pick" a faction unit or decide on a specific color scheme as we all anxiously wait for the new JoR to finally be released, I set up something of an in-between fix. This is still a work in progress but we can at least get it started.
https://www.talon-games.com/jor (or cavjournal.com)
So you might ask what we have here:
The first part is a link to an excel file listing all of the "known" units in CAV:SO. This list is by no means conclusive and will grow as needed, but it does provide what there is so far. It list the unit by faction and name and if applicable, their paint "scheme." This is copied from the official painter work list and can be a little confusing as people have been doing their own thing there (which I'm fixing with the things here going forward).
Next up is a pdf with a list of "camo" definitions. So if we say the unit uses "camo X," you will know the pattern we are after.
Color Chart: This gives us a common palette to refer to when describing a color. It is NOT the paint used (or you have to use), but it gives us the same terminology to use. These have not all been updated in the excel sheet at this point.
Finally, there is a link for each faction to download a black-line drawing of a CAV (with a transparent background) that you can use to "color" when deciding how to paint (either print it out or use a art program like MS Paint). These will be what we use for future examples as well.
I hope this will help and not cause more confusion (crosses fingers).
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