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Bloody Peasaants


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A huge 2 for 1 KS!  

(You get BOTH Humans and Halflings in one project! )

Bloody Peasants! by Midlam Miniatures — Kickstarter



"Oh no!  It's an armed agrarian uprising!"

Toiling in the fields for their feudal overlords, the peasants are equally quick to turn their tools to defending their lands from monstrous invaders or, when pressed to the limit, revolting and overturning cruel and greedy landowners.

Bloody Peasants!

A selection of human and halfling farmers in 28mm scale miniatures for all of your fantasy games.

You can choose from humans, halflings or both!

The Humans

A familiar sight in the villages surrounding Midlam.


The Halflings

A smaller folk, doing the same jobs as the longshanks.





It's a Midlam project, so you know what that means;

Maybe a stretch goal, very possibly an early fulfillment, and absolutely no nonsense. 



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As per usual with Midlam, they make something I want.


This time however I really am questioning myself to see if go all in, or just pick humans or halflings as they're practically the same design in different sizes.

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*grumble* As a person who uses a scythe.. they're not holding those right!  

Erhem. Tempting... would be more tempting if I thought I was going to be hosting games again any time soon, but.. tempting. ^^;


Scythe positioning and all, I kinda like Mother Thyme. Things I didn't need right now... >.>

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