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What a stoner. (Goblin Manace continued)


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More to come for this little dude. 


Tried doing a couple things people suggested in my other projects. Mixed inks into paints, went thinner on paint and more layers, focused on less colors and more mixing. 


Pretty happy so far. 

Will be following up with damage report, but had to post.


Always good to have feedback if you see improvements. 



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Here's the battle report:



1. Tried using less paints overall and trying to combine them more.  Win!

2.  No washes.  None.  I'm trying my best to see if I can improve my layering and use less of the washes (think Dr. Faust painting) and it worked pretty well.

3.  Used an off-white MSP "Skeleton Bone" to lighten colors for highlights.  Worked great!

4.  Focused really, really, really hard on not trying to rush and simply layer 3 or 4 times if paint felt too thin.  Worked, but still getting my thinning down.



1.  Tried using a MSP Rattle Snake leather, but good lord it was not mixed well.  Even after shaking the stupid thing for a full minute, it still came out kind of soupy.  Wondering if this is me or the color?

2.  Eyes - once again tried the chibi eye effect, but it was not coming out.  I do two strokes to line the eye on top and bottom.  Then fill in the direction I'm going to have him looking.  It just didn't work this time.

3.  Ochre Yellow belt...meh.  


These little goblins have proven to be a great practice from one to the next.  Some are great some are poor, but they all teach me something new.  The Goblin Skin seems to work best with Vallejo Refractive Green base and Game Color Goblin Skin over the top.  Will complete these little guys with that tone.  



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I love these cute goblins!


Try popping off the tip off the leather color, mixing all the way at the bottom with a paper clip, then putting the tip back on, cap back on, and shake for another minute.  I had some paints I swore were ruined straight from the factory that were resurrected by this.

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