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Just kinda wondering how many of you here have or know of any other CAV related websites. Only ones I know about are:

  • Mil-Net - great discussion site
  • Earthwalker's site - has potential to be a good information site if it were finished
  • Sparky's site - part of webring - ok start but hasn't been updated since 2002
  • Demongirls Gothic CAV - has a title on there and that s about it
  • Sanguine Reavers - another webring but strictly personal merc info
  • DragonFang - again personal merc site that hasnt been touched in forever

Basically, outside of here and Mil-Net, there is nothing that I have been able to find. Just wondering if any of you know of some decent sites (with pictures, battle reports, etc...)

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Oops forgot about the new RC site.


Both Dark Storm and Bad Blood have been added to the favorites list. Do yall update them at all?


S-man, I noticed that on your picture on the front page there are 8 minis showing, yet in your gallery there are only 5. And from your news page, those 8 were done back the beginning of 2003. You paint anything new to put in the gallery?


Leech, only thing i really saw there was a table roster, so much for 100% he he he

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The 100% is for effort :o)


Yes, I do update my website, but I'm loathe to do so until I've completed my additional companies..... wouldn't want to have to keep changing things.


I'll be adding some other content soonish.

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Sorry man, I was just teasing. I could tell it was just a beginning.


Seems I have been practicing a lot of foot in mouth technique today.


I know I sound like a broken record, but, you ought to put pictures of your rides along with the roster. It makes it much more interesting for an outside viewer...

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And Even More Updated Goodness!


Here it is, LMK what you think!!!






P.S. Still hoping Someone has a List of all the BL Sites!

I Will Be Posting a new Links Page Up soon!!

As I said in my original post, I think its a good informational website.


Suggestion: on the main page where you declare new updates, make sure to include the date (and dont forget to update that too when you do updates).


I am sure that as I am still learning this game, I will check your info here and there to get myself more familiar with the pros and cons of different designs.

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so D when are we going to see yer website dedicated to CAV ::P:

I have been a BT player for 20+ years. I have been a player of CAV for, ..., well I actually havent played a game yet. I will be joining up with Mad Pat next weekend though.


I have purchased and primed up a bunch over the past few weeks though. When I get them painted, I will defintely put them on my site and let you know.

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