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RCL Looking for Group, Trios and Duos.


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There does not seem to be a separate thread for those of us that are looking for willing and open minded partners for the various Reaper Challenge League cooperative goals. 


For my part, I have an extensive collection of unpainted Bones, and a few metals lying about. I am a fast painter so should still be able to get something done in time for January.  

Anybody else  still looking for RCL-group?


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Top Posters In This Topic

I was contemplating searching for a duo partner for February (have a trio for February, and we were discussing going for a group 4+, I will ask to make sure), but I have too much going on for January right now. If getting in on January isn't important and we have some figures that match, I'm willing to do a duo with you for next month. My Bones collection is limited to the first KS, I have about 90% of it unpainted.


Send me a PM if you like.

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5 hours ago, [email protected] said:

Any duo or trio seekers?


I am looking for Feb Trio.  I have most of the following to paint:


1380 Mousling scout     2979 Alisha, warrior
1404 2002 Holiday Sophie     3004 Dorva, dark elf
1416 Sophie in cat costume     3060 Kierra Darkdreamer
1505 Reapercon 2008 Sophie     3078 Pearl the Mermaid
1506 Tabitha and Friends     3084 Virina, demon
1510 Artistcon 2009 Sophie     3128 Sela Windsprite
1513 Reapercon 2010 Sophie     3135 B'thuhl, pirate
2007 Domur, Huntersmoon     3155 Vandora waverunner
2101 dancing girl     3170 Lurien, ghost
2139 Jean Paul, werewolf     3415 Lanura Windsong
2140 Cleo, weretigress     14053 banshee
2164 Marda of the Blade     14096 reptus shaman
2171 bakarathi     14131 Elsabeth
2177 female elf     14216 harpy
2243 Robert O'Mannon     14322 Callindra
2248 Alyscia, forest sentinel     14333 Incubus
2413 Josephine, sorceress     14345 Nicole, Merc Cptn
2423 Michelle Dancingblades     14542 Nasithe
2451 Shawna Wolfsister     50084 Brigitte, maid
2458 Liriel Silverlocks       Reapercon 2011 Sophie
2462 Isabella       Reapercon 2007 Sophie
2485 Egyptian sorceress       Pirate Sophie
2487 giant foo dog       Reapercon 2009 Sophie
2493 Lathara the sorceress       Reapercon 2006 Sophie
2499 tomb wraith       ReaperCon 2005 Sophie
2504 Bria,necromancer       highlander
2511 Midori, female monk     1405 2001 Holiday Sophie
2534 Kiri, female ninja        
2543 Elladan, elf        
2551 Monique Denoir        
2562 Gossamer, air sorceress        
2594 Egyptian princess        
2633 Vandorendra demon        
2645 Maria Roseblade        
2692 Tolan, male druid        
2700 Tox, wizard        
2711 Amiryth Elmlighter        
2731 Yuri, female monk        
2735 Alaine, female paladin        
2762 Tuilin, elf        
2783 Xiao Liu, female monk        
2859 Melisande Wavecutter        
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On 2/23/2021 at 4:22 PM, Inarah said:

Great!  I will dig him out.  I have a duo partner, so we could use a 3rd person, if anyone wants to jump in. 


If not, I can still paint as a duo, you will get points. 

Well I do appreciate you doing the duo with me :-) if anyone wants to make it a trio, let us know. 

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Also looking for duo and trio partners for March.  In addition to the above list, I have these: 

1588   Ungort,cthon summoner
1622   2018 convention Sophie
1623   Hof vampire
1624   ViP Duskwarden slayer
1625   Mad Mozz & Wildchild
1626   Barglemore & Camille
3893   Mal, catfolk warrior
3894   Shadoweyes, catfolk rogue
3895   Tianalise, bog witch
3902   bog homonculus
3910   Dreadmere hunter
3912   Remus Raducan, Blood Wolf
3913   Cailleach Deargh, River Widow
3914   Tirinha Fallowheart, Maggotcrown
3915   Thregan Helmsplitter, Duskwarden
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It's been a while since I've been active on here, but I'm diving back into painting again.  I'm going to join the Discord in a minute here.

I have a lot of Bones 4 and Bones 5.  If anybody wants to hit me up for a duo or trio (especially once B5 ships), feel free!

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Hi All, 

Looking to pick up a regular partner for Duos and Trios.  I'm on discord with the same handle (@LtFlowbee).  That being said, I'm old and therefore Discord challenged.  I have all 4 core sets, so I likely have something we can paint!


Set                     Mins/Painted    % Complete

Reaper 1 Core:       124/52                41.94%

Reaper 2 Core:       158/51                32.28%

Reaper 3 Core:       150/29                19.33%

Reaper 4 Core:       190/58                30.53%

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15 hours ago, Inarah said:

Looking for Trio: two people who want to paint Chronoscope in July.

I have:

50001 Sascha Dubois

50133 Mira

50233 Grace

50308 Vermina

I have 80004 Sascha Dubois (Bones version of the same model).  I'm game for a Trio if we find a third!

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