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Thanks guys!




Painted her fancy boots and glove.

Started with base of Pure Black/Stormy Blue, gave them a highlight of Stormy Blue/Ghost Grey, then a Black Wash and a glaze of Stormy Blue. It's left the highlights very subtle (Probably too subtle).

And after yet another round of tidying her skin, she's finished!


Just gotta do the base and then I can move on to the next (Hopefully easier) mini.

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And Fahime is done:-




Like a surprising number of Cult of Murder members, Fahime started out as a bored daughter of minor Elven nobility who went off the rails.


And on to the next one, Thabron:-




Just a base of Dwarf Flesh and a Flesh Wash so far.

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On 4/16/2021 at 1:04 PM, Spazzmolytic said:

Absolutely love this thread! Currently Underworlds is the only game I'm playing and I'm a GW model fan as well. Awesome job on all of your models, 


Thanks! I don't play, but it's a great range for picking up stuff from Warhammers fantasy side.


On 4/16/2021 at 4:15 PM, Samedi said:

Good to see an orc who's not green!


For some reason I've never got the hang of painting non-human skintones.





(He's a bit yellow because I didn't realise I'd left my lamp on 'Tired Eyes' mode.)


Finished his skin with highlights of Dwarf Flesh and Dwarf Flesh/Light Flesh (I also added a touch of Blue Violet to paint a bulging vein in one arm).

Spot of Sick Green for an eye, Iraqi Sand teeth and a Blue Violet tongue.

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Haven't managed much painting the last few days (Been rather panicky and shaky), but I've been trying to do a bit here and there:-




Painted up the little bit of his vest that's showing in Ochre Yellow, did some straps in Leather Brown and some metal patches in Bronze.

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It was only last Monday I posted an update? Feels like I haven't done any painting for weeks.






Painted up most of his armour plates (Olive Green > Brown Wash > Olive Green > Olive Green/Ochre Yellow > Sepia Wash).

Considering I only used Olive Green because it was already on my palette, it works pretty well.


Also gave him Leather Brown gloves and Bronze mace handles.


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Thanks guys!


Finally painting again:-




He got pants (Steel Grey > Black Wash > Steel Grey > Steel Grey/Ghost Grey > Brown Wash) and a goody bag (Red Leather > Red Leather/Ochre Yellow > Brown Wash).


A quickly painted up base and he's done:-




Like most Orcs trying to make a life for themselves outside their homeland, 'One-Eyed' Thabron found being a soldier to be his only option.

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With Season 5 officially on the horizon (And me no longer being the shaky wreck I have been lately), thought I'd get back to this guy:-




Never did figure out how I did the legs of his fellow Fey Elves, so on this one the whole legs got a base of Elf Flesh/Red Leather and a Brown Wash, then the less furry middle section got highlights of Elf Flesh/Red Leather and Elf Flesh/Red Leather/Light Flesh, while the hairier tops and bottoms got a light drybrush of Ochre Yellow and a Sepia Wash.


Finally, his hooves are Bonewhite.


Hair next.  

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