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Dreading more Dreadmere! Guards this time


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@ShantyShakin i took some inspiration from your work and decided to keep mine close.  Thanks for the idea! 


I'm going to do a couple of parts here.  

Currently I'm in the base layer stage and just got all the colors down.  Will be washing and highlighting next.  Thought it might be cool to see the before and after this time. 






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Battle Report!


Overall they came out decent.  I'm loving the ease of control with the Vallejo Metals colors: Gunmetal and Copper.  LOVE.  I was thinking I could get away with using this as my base colors and lighten them up as needed, but I think I will actually need Steel and Gold, too.  


Tested using white primer vs. grey primer.  No real change.  

Tested doing a GW wash, an ink wash, and simple lining.  The ink wash worked best, but there's still a good learning curve there.


The goal of these three was to test the metal colors.  It was a success.



1. Vallejo Metal Copper and Gunmetal are a dream to work with over the AP paints and Vallejo paints I normally use.

2.  Using sepia ink was a good choice in toning down the red and brown colors.  

3.  Used "Buff" color with a little red in it to give a more welcome skin tone.  Not bad, but also not my best.  Used the ink wash over their face and hands, then went back to highlight with the buff mix.  I liked the overlap, but not as much the base color no its own.

4.  Doing sets of three and keeping their color scheme consistent increases my speed and makes me feel more productive.  I did this somewhat with the Dreadmere Mercenaries and the little Goblins I work on.  It's also nice because it allows the minis to dry in between coats and not having to pause.



1. Black lining with black ink was . little strong for these, so tried switching to brown.  Will need some work to develop that further.  

2.  The GW wash was WAY overdone and ended up pooling in areas.  Ineed to figure a way I can fix that rather than just painting over it.  Any suggestions?

3.  These were simple sculpts and didn't have a ton of detail, but I feel like I could have done more or added accents.  Just not sure where to have added.

4.  The leather pouch behind 2 of them wasn't really all that great.


The success is completing 10 minis this weekend.  Felt pretty good to knock out that many.




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