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6 hours ago, malefactus said:


I am not sure just how much of the Harlequin line Black Hat carries. I got a bunch of their Dwarves from the USA store a few years ago...VERY cool old style minis.

Just looked at their site and it says "
We have sold all of our wargames ranges of figures to other companies and, as of 10th September 2018, no longer produce any wargaming figures."

He gives links to the other manufactures. 

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Well 2020 is over and even though the year wasn't so great I did get my dragon goal of 12 dragons completed (actually completed 15 !) So with the new year I'm looking to try it again.   The

Final pics before I go to the show off thread. I think the whole thing came out pretty amazing!  At the last I added a small interloper who may or may not be permanent... He sort of snuck in and

Started on the dragon body.  No real surprise here, going for a bright reddish orange.  I think I want the wings in blue or green just to add to the contrast.  Thd belly will will be a reddish ivory w

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6 hours ago, malefactus said:


I am not sure just how much of the Harlequin line Black Hat carries. I got a bunch of their Dwarves from the USA store a few years ago...VERY cool old style minis.

I don't haunt the Lost Wiki site much. Nostalgia makes me sad; re, I miss all those guys that I knew from my war gaming days & have lost contact with forever. Finding out what happened to the old companies can be interesting though. 

I love the Lost Mini Wiki, no sadness at all, it’s fun to peruse and wander though.  The only thing that gets me down is that so many of those minis are gone, never to be sold again.


With the Lost Mini Wiki, I just wish more people would create pages in the Artists’ section.  It’s lonely out there.....

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Did some assembly and pinning work last night.  I'm trying to get ar least a stubby pin in each joint because the metal is so soft.  


So I'm having to put in stubby little pins because the Mini isn't that thick but they should help with the structural support.


The nice thing is that the fit on the parts is pretty tight. Here are some pictures of the joints


Everything seems to fit together pretty well.  I bent the wings to give me a little better access (this dragon has a very flat back)  for painting and because it makes the dragon looks more active.  



So here is what she looks like today (with some support clamps 



Thanks for looking everyone!  More tomorrow.


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A little further today.  Got the body assembled and the thieves ready to go.  When assembled everything lined up nicely and straight!  There are some fins and tailspikes that still need to be added but not until I get some areas painted.  Next step is greenstuff and primer!20210127_003132.thumb.jpg.165fa6a373fd7dd6752a22f2f5081210.jpg



More to come. Thanks for looking!

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11 hours ago, haldir said:


For my attack, I cast Bigby's Clamp!!::P:


I think this needs to be a spell in someone's world!


10 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

Clamps to hold things together...  That's what I'm doing wrong with some of my Infinity models! 


You would be surprised at how often this solution doesnt work!  the classic problem of a round peg/square hole comes leaping to mind.  Just yesterday i was stuck acting as a human clamp holding the tail still so the epoxy could set.  This is especially true of ,ahem, 5 minute epoxy.  they should really name it:  Epoxy that does nothing for 5 minutes followed by a 30 second window during which you better be right followed by a lifetime of too late!


every epoxy i have used has gone from liquid to stuck in a bout 15 seconds.  the only delay is how long it takes to get to the 15 second mark.



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On 1/29/2021 at 5:19 PM, 72moonglum said:

I love the guy carrying the egg. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a miniature panic before!

I really like the thieves in this piece.  I don't think the guy in the front realizes they are in trouble yet, and the guy in the back is trying really hard to tell him but he's scared speechless!


I finished up with getting all the pieces together filling the gaps (small as they were) with greenstuff and then prime the whole thing in Stylrez red. I think I am going with the classic red for the dragon.  So I painted her, basecoating with liner red so I can paint from darkest to lightest.  That technique seems to to really well for me to keep up contrast levels and prevent the model from looking overexposed.20210130_220046.thumb.jpg.4f0b934ca725ce3ff8f6af2dd4cc2351.jpg

The thieves and the eggs I haven't decided yet but I still have some time for that and for the actual base before I have to commit. 


Overall the detail is really very good and I'm looking forward to actually starting to paint!

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Started on the dragon body.  No real surprise here, going for a bright reddish orange.  I think I want the wings in blue or green just to add to the contrast.  Thd belly will will be a reddish ivory working up from the same dark red baseFor now though I'm deciding if the red is bright enough or if I need to come further into yellow.  Anyway, here is where she stands now



Looking at the pictures I think I need to go back into the shadows a bit and restore some darkness, especially on the side with the raised rear leg, the color looks too even but I will ask group opinion.


Thanks for looking!

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A little more each day.  Today was the belly scales and spines.  I also wanted to try a base blue to see what it would look like its not a bad choice though I will probably need to retake these 



The belly scales are nut brown, bone shadow, tusk ivory and polished bone.  The wings look like I'll start with ultramarine shadow and I plan to go to true blue as the strongest highlight and then some sort of swirly yellow or green pattern to break up the large flat surface


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got a few more stages done on the clutch of fear this week.  First finished up most of the painting (except the dragon eyes... I cannot figure out if I want to leave that blazing yellow or put in an eye.  I'll probably try something and if I don't like it, white it out and go back.  Anyway, next thing Is placement.  The box art shows the dragon and her eggs on a small island among waters so I thought I would go with that path.  first the appropriate sized board




and a placement shot to give some perspective from the thieves point of view



after I set up the play I did some carving and some routing work (I enjoy it when 2 of my hobbies can come together...) and then backfilled with more of the island and some additional rocks and a gravel path.






and then a special view from the thieves perspective with flash and without the overhead lights.  I left the end tab on the board so I have something to grab onto and work from.  I may either put a title plate on it and a small picture of the box art or just cut the end off, I am not sure yet (thoughts are welcome.  I left about an eighth of an inch cutout for the resin water.  next step will be to put on a tape fence around the whole thing and then color the water areas and sand around the island.  then the whole thing gets a clear resin pour to give a thin hot spring effect (like Yellowstone) of water.  Once the base resin is in I will decide if I want the water still or if I need to add ripples in the surface. If the group has thoughts or suggestions, I am happy to hear them!


finally, its a little blurry but I like this shot for displaying just what these thieves got themselves into.  Momma is not happy! 



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Getting there... the base is getting it paint and getting ready for a resin pour




I am not sure why mama dragon wanted a lapis lazuli obelisk at her hatching ground but she wanted it is she got one.  Painted the sand and Rocks as well as the missing spot for the taken egg. Next step is to pour the pool of sugar waters around the nest.  A hot spring is just the place for a young red wyrmling to take his first steps 



I really like how the color came

out.  Now I get to see if and how badly the seal leaked and if I need to make a second pour.  Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Edited by Kangaroorex
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    • By Evilhalfling
      So when I unpacked this Big Boi in 2017  I thought he would look really cool without wings.  but I'm it will be a lot of careful work to carve off the joins and resculpt him,  I just don't think I'm ready.  In February I did the scales for my verocthulu conversion, and thought "I could have done that better."
      So this is better.  
      This Dragon will be the colors or earth.   Burnt Umber base, and a hide scattered with Burnt Sienna, Tusk Ivory, and Leather Brown with ochre and NNM gold colors on the belly. 
      perhaps some cool gray or blue washes in the shadows.   The scales will be individually shaded, and the hide below staying the color of brown liner, or umber in the well lit areas. 
      So far its been about 4 hrs of work in sculpting, cleaning, gluing and mold line removal.
      it took 45 min just to cover him in brown liner.  He is a really big dragon, and I have no idea how long this is going to take. 
      but im getting a little obesessed - I don't want to schedule a meeting or go grocery shopping, I want to add more paint... 
      this feels like how I ended up with a dragon named Insomnia - who was painted almost entirely between 10pm and 7 am.   I kept waking up with new color ideas. 
      Or the DDS2 dragon who I spent 2-4 hours a day painting for a solid week, and another hour a night for the week after.  
      The last picture is my inspiration for the scale colors - the eyes will be much simpler than this. 


    • By 72moonglum
      Good afternoon all you reaperfiles! 
      So I haven't painted anything by Sandra Garrity for the longest of times, so I'm glad I started this little figure up, Ellana Dragonmistress, a female druid she sculpted long ago for Ral Partha. Beautiful little figure with her traditionally petite eyes.  The hardest part on this one, besides the eyes, was deciding on what colors I'd use.  As I listen to a lot of Anne Forester's Twitch channel over lunch and she talks so much about color theory, I always wonder if my colors match or not, but ultimately, without a color wheel to whip out, I end up guessing and hope it all ends up matching more or less. One day I'd like to figure out what colors totally clash 1000% and paint with those, but that is for some future miniature surely.
      So here she is:

      One thing I really like about her is that besides her staff, she carries no weapons, which makes her a reasonably simple miniature to paint, but also gives you that feeling that she knows she's so bada$$ that she just doesn't need any weapons. I also really like her cowboy boots.  Why a blue dragon head?  No idea, it's what arrived to my brain.
      So anyhoos, enjoy!
    • By Iridil
      It only took me 35+ years to paint these....
      Somewhere, in a box, are the tiny goblins which are the riders to these wolves. Paint job inspired by 72moonglum (mine are a rather poor second to the original I am afraid). https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64325-ral-partha-goblin-imp-wolf-riders-kind-of-pic-heavy/
      I iincluded a shot with the Reaper Warg to give you an idea how small these fellows are. More wolves for the forest! And I finally painted them - wow

    • By 72moonglum
      Hello all you Reapervellians,
      So I had these figures sitting around and primed for probably about two or three years, and then while trying to start up another project, I ended up grabbing these.
      These are four new figures, sculpted by Dave Summers, famous for his Darksword anthropomorphic miniatures as well as decades of other finely sculpted figures, that he sculpted for Ral Partha's Chaos Wars game in 2016, associated with a Kickstarter if I recall correctly, and then a rather old figure, the female dwarf, who was sculpted by Dennis Mize back in I think 1977-1978.
      Nowadays of course, figures are a lot larger, but Dave Summers sculpted these four new dwarves to that old school 25 millimeter scale, which means they are pretty petite. If I remember afterwards I'll snap some kind of comparison photo with some common item. I always forget to do that for some reason.
      Anyhoos, here they are:

      and here's the lady dwarf. I separated her out because I actually have an older version that I did of her years ago as a gift for somebody, and wanted to show it as a comparison.
      Here's the one I just painted:

      and here she is probably already five or six years earlier:

      I had her on a much larger base in the original version.
      Anyhow, that's all for today folks, enjoy at your leisure!
    • By Cicciopiu
      Hello forum Family, gonna show you my version of D'Vandra Lukesia, the metal one. I had hard time with her (but this is part of the fun, isn't?), so many tiny details and her face is sooo tiny 
      In any case I managed to paint her and I'm happy of she came out! 
      About the palette I chose the colors on the fly, started with the yellow skirt and simply add colors at the moment I needed to paint a detail, like the amaranth scarf, or the blue bag, the green vial, and so on.
      I hope you like her too :)
      Hi-res pics

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