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9 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

I love it!

This screams ONI for me!

Japanese Demon/Ogre...


Great job!


I was going to say the same thing,


Nice work!!

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Thank you everyone! 


The skin was totally inspired by Rhonda Benders work on 44003 Female Efreeti and it took so much glazing that it's not even funny! I've been trying to use different techniques lately and it's the first time that I've been happy with how it's turned out ^_^


Regarding the light levels, yeah, I really get that. It bothers me too. The mini was sitting in full sun and supplemental lighting was just making it look really washed out and making the skin look really orange, rather than red :( I'm not comfortable with adjusting the pictures on my laptop, and it looked really close on my camera screen, but it true that they look a bit darker on my tablet viewing the forum. I can only apologize.

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