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Arakus Landarzad, Wizard (Bones 77664)

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2 hours ago, Mystikant said:

Great stuff! The gem is beautiful and looks like amber.


Thank you, Mystikant!   Now that you mention it, it does look like amber!  I hadn't set out to do that, but that's now what I'm going to say it is. ::):



50 minutes ago, malefactus said:

SPLENDID! Your color choices are BEAUTIFUL...I love his beard & the yellow robes. The base enhanced by the little frog sets the miniature off WONDERFULLYVERY WELL DONE!



Thank you, malefactus!   I usually shy away form doing yellow, but this time I think it works. I'm glad you like it. 

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5 hours ago, Iridil said:

Very nice - love the look of the gem


Thank you, Iridil!  



4 hours ago, Poilu_1914 said:

Fantastic job on the gem and the yellow is a bold choice (Journey Quest?)! Nicely done!


Thank you, Poilu_1914!  Though I painted him yellow to serve as the war wizard for a yellow-themed army, I must admit the passing resemblance to Sir Perf did not escape me! ::):



Edited by Chris Palmer
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    • By KruleBear
      Another one bites the dust….😆
      One of my favorite sculpt…but in the old Bones plastic. I put a little extra into the base, otherwise it was a pretty straight forward zen of Bones quick paint job. Overall I like the scheme and it has given me ideas for when I paint my metal version. Not sure about the green face and the blue glow under the rib cage is too subtle. 

      And as an aside …..the quality of Testors Dullcoat is not nearly as good as it was a decade ago. The newer formulation continues to give me a semi gloss finish.  Oh well. 
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      Back after a long-ish hiatus. I had to take a break from painting earlier this year because of some eye issues. No that I can see right again, I wanted to take a simple-ish mini to completion. I used the RCL limited palette theme for July. 
      While the paint job on these maggots can be better, it's gratifying to be back to doing something I enjoy immensely. 

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      Blink has been sitting on my desk for months. I finally called it done on her today. There are issues, especially with the not so clean lines on the armor, but I just needed to get this done and move on. I am, however, happy enough with her face. 

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      I started these Minitaurs months ago, and wanted to paint them like the Khazra from the Diablo video games. I abandoned work on them earlier this year when I took a break from painting for health reasons. At this point I'm kinda jaded and just wanted them off my table. The leader's wrist wraps are too bright, and I might go back and add shadows to tone those down, but otherwise I'm done with these. 

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      Hello everyone, here is the third of the quartet, the 77456, Ogre Guard sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Have a good week.









      77454, Ogre Clubber, 77456, Ogre Guard and 77455, Ogre Smasher.

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