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50 shades of yellow marine


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I am impressed and amazed again!  Wow. 

Such beautiful arrangements and transitions of colors, such skillful management of the areas of direct lighting and reflected lighting and shadows.

I was about to ask for more info about your process and whether you had any in-progress photos ... and then I see that your sig says "WIPs, step-by-steps and more on my Patreon account"!



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17 hours ago, dks said:

I am impressed and amazed again!  Wow. 


. and then I see that your sig says "WIPs, step-by-steps and more on my Patreon account"!



Thanks! Well, my patreon worth subscribing only if you want to see some wips pics. I do not publish detailed step-by-steps pdfs, as other painter do. Guess, there are not to much sense in it. But i have some early wips pics on my instagram, so feel free to watch.

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      Since i didn't have my paints with me while on break, i was hungry to get back to it.  I guess i wasn't as full of turkey and stuffing as i thought. 

      As I'm posting this, i saw on his left leg that he's got an unpainted seal.  Dang it! 
      I made the bands on the blade smaller. 
      Added more metal details. 
      Added more accent color. 
      Tested two new paint color (silver grey, red. And German Grey). Each did great. 
      His backpack gave me some trouble.  I was gluing it on, but the post didn't push in and then it broke off.  Ended up doing some surgery back the but it's on. 






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      This one came out pretty good. 

      I still need to base and touch up his sword with more color, but he's pretty much done outside of that.  Enough for me to post in WIP.
      The process was pretty good and I'm learning that these sub-assemblies help a TON in getting to those insanely hard to reach spots.  I took pictures of what the sub assembly looks like just to what my method was and hopefully helps others struggling.  











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