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Well this strikes me as a question with several possible answers. The obvious "Empire Strikes Back : Star Wars Episode V" isn't one of them as the quote is "No. I am your father."


I am going with The Fairly OddParents said by Cosmo. Though thinking about it this isn't actually a film so maybe I will think on it some more.


Ok an actual film to use this is Toy Story 2, the scene between the Buzz and his enemy Zurg on top of the lift. . Couple of other possibilities are Reign of Fire when they are acting out the film to all the kids also isn't it used it one of the Wayne's World movies ?


I am sure there are other answers.



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You are correct, Stuart. I was trying to trick someone into saying 'Empire'. It might have worked somewhere else. Forgot you guys were so smart. I don't know what Fairly Oddparents is, and I haven't seen Toy Story 2, but you recognized the mistake. Your turn.

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Ok damn so now I need to make up a question.


okay this quote is from memory so don't sue me if it isn't perfect.


"I am not joking now. I don't like to act rashly, but you are the last straw, you are the plague, you bring havoc and chaos to everyone, but why to me? Why me? Why?"

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what two movies are these from?(Steve You Cant Answer)


Meade will come in slowly, cautiously, new to command... And then, after Lee's army is entrenched behind nice fat rocks, Meade will attack finally, if he can coordinate the army. He'll attack right up that rocky slope, and up that gorgeous field of fire. And we will charge valiantly, and be butchered valiantly. And afterwards men in tall hats and gold watch fobs will thump their chest and say what a brave charge it was. Devin, I've led a soldier's life, and I've never seen anything as brutally clear as this.


Sirs, perhaps there are those among you who believe you are descended from a ape. I suppose there may even be those among you who believe that I am descended from a ape. But I challenge the man to step forward who believes that General Robert E. Lee is descended from a ape.


Col. Freemantle, it does not begin or end, with my uncle or myself. We're all sons of Virginia here. That major out there, commanding the canon? That's James Deeran, first in his class at West Point, before Virgina seceeded. The boy over there, with the color guard? That's private Robert Tyler John. His grandfather was President of the United States! That colonel behind me? That's Colonel William Ailen. Now, his great-grandfather was the Virginian Patrick Henry. It was Patrick Henry who said to your King George III; "Give me liberty, or give me death." There are boys here from Norfolk, Portsmouth, Malhamlet, Long James River. From Charlottsville, Fredericksburg, and the Shenondoah Valley. Mostly, they're all veteran soldiers now, the cowards and shirkers are long gone. Every man here knows his duty! They would make this charge even without an officer to lead them. They know the gravity of the situation, and the metal of their foe! They know, that this days work will be desperate and deadly. They know, that for many of them, this will be their last charge. But not one of them, needs to be told, what is expected of him! They're all willing to make the supreme sacrifice. To achieve victory, here, the crowning victory, and the end of this war. We're all hear, Colonel. You may tell them, when you return to your country, that all Virginia was here this day.


In the Army of the Shenandoah, you were the First Brigade! In the Army of the Potomac you were the First Brigade! In the Second Corps of this Army, you are the First Brigade! You are the First Brigade in the affections of your general, and I hope by your future deeds and bearing you will be handed down the posterity as the First Brigade in this our Second War of Independence. Farewell!


In the Roman civil war, Julius Caesar knew he had to march on Rome, which no legion was permitted to do. Marcus Lucainius left us a chronicle of what happened. "How swiftly Caesar has smoted the mighty alps and in his mind conceived immense upheavals in the coming war. When he reached the water of the littler Rubicon, clearly to the leader through the murky night appeared a mighty image of his country in distress. Grief in her face, her white hair streaming from her tower crowned head. With tresses torn and shoulders bare, she stood before him and sighing said, "Where further do you march? Where do you take my standards warriors? If lawfully you come, if as citizens, this far only is allowed." Then trembling struck the leader's limbs, his hair grew stiff and weakness checked his progress, holding his feet at the rivers edge. At last he speaks, "Oh Thundere, surveying Rome's walls from the top hay and rock. Oh Fridgy and House gods of Ulysses, Clan and Mystery of Corinth who was carried off to heaven. Oh Jupiter of Latium seated in lofty Alda and House of Vespa. Oh Rome, equal to the highest deity, favor my plans! Not with envious weapons do I pursue you. Here am I, Caesar, your own soldier everywhere. Now too, if I am permitted, the man who makes ME your enemy, it is he who will be the guilty one." Then he broke the barrier of war and through the swollen river swiftly took his standards. Caesar crossed the flood and reached the opposite bank. From Hisparie's Forbidden Fields he took his standards said, "Here I abandoned peace and desecrated law; fortune it is you I follow. Farewell to treaties. From now on war is our judge!" Hail Caesar! We who are about to die salute you!

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