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Mythroll Armory's TileFormers | Quick & Easy Dungeon Terrain : Magnetic Full-Color Tiles

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No painting... all magnets... 3x3 tiles. Creators have a few manufacturing KS under their belt, although magnetic tiles seem to be a new thing.

Prices include shipping to most areas. 


Anyway, watch the videos. The houses look a little clunky, but take a look at that tower in the last seconds of the intro video.













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I like them, but the shipping cost is just something I don’t wanna tackle right now. I’m sure Ettinstone is going to continue to grow and expand and they’re here in the US. 

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Shipping is included in most pledges (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, and Australia). Others add $7 CAD.

I figure I'll use Mythroll for wilderness encounters and Ettinstone for dungeon ones!

(I'm also getting sick and tired of all these miniatures and terrain I have to paint... :P



CA$ 84 or more

45 Piece: "The Cottage" SPECIAL PRICE

This kit includes 45 pieces to be used to make anything you'd like. Approximately $0.11USD per square inch.
When set up flat, these tiles will cover a 24” x 12” (60cm x 30cm) surface.

The price includes the $25CAD shipping cost to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, and Australia. Other buyers add another $7CAD for shipping.



CA$ 90 or more

50+ Piece: Choose Your Own Adventure

This reward comes with five 10-packs of any standard tiles. Increase the reward amount by $14.00USD / $18CAD to add additional 10-packs. In the pledge manager after the Kickstarter, you can mix and match any of the following to suit your needs.


Price includes shipping. 10-packs of unlocked/special tiles will be available as add-ons in the pledge manager.




CA$ 135 or more

75 Piece: "Phelenau Hall" SPECIAL PRICE

This kit includes 75 pieces to be used to make anything you'd like. Approximately $0.11USD per square inch.
When set up flat, these tiles will cover a 15” x 18” (38cm x 45cm) surface.

The price includes the $38CAD shipping cost to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, EU, and Australia. Other buyers add another $7CAD for shipping.



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