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8 minutes ago, Samedi said:

Wow, this is a truly alien piece! The frosty jungle base, the coppery stag-worm-insect thingy. Absolutely love it!


What colours did you use for the worm?


Thank you!


I primed Vallejo Brush on White.

Then Put black spots on top with Scale 75 Black Metal. ( metallics)

Painted Scale 75 Ruby Alchemy and Amethyst Alchemy over it ( both metallics)


Teeth are Reaper Creamy Ivory and I mixed that with Clotted Blood Red for the Mouth.


The Brown Is Scale 75 Inktense Chestnut (Ink) And a little Inktense Wood ( Ink)


The Belly is Scale 75 Inktense Black ( Ink) and the yellow spots are Vallejo Golden Brown.


The base is done with many colours and inks...

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1 hour ago, Lord of the Dish Pit said:

That is a mean looking worm. 

Or should I say METAL WORM!

Great job!



Glad you like it!



58 minutes ago, Darcstaar said:

Great find!

Awesome paint job and base.  What an eerie monster.


Thank you!

Those bases are also a joy to paint!

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10 hours ago, KruleBear said:

The metallics gave it a nice iridescent vibe. Nice color selection. 



Thanks, I was inspired by Reef Worms and Bobbit Worms, decided on a different colour but keep the idea of metallic shine.


9 hours ago, malefactus said:

The Big Crawly Beasty has achieved the ultimate reaction of Bug Kind; i.e., the thing gives me the creepy itches. It is a BEAUTIFULLY realistic looking creatuye. VERY WELL DPONE!


Sorry for the itches Al!

Thanks for the praise, it's always motivating to hear that someone likes my painting, keeps me going.

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