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Green Slaad is done - Translucent work done!

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@DragonWyrmit's not always about the originator of the idea, but how those who take that knowledge and pass it on and help others improve. That is unless you're stealing someone's patent and using it for your own benefit.  If that's the case, then i hope they get hit by a bus.  


In this case, i gained something awesome to add to my tool box and feel like i can tackle new projects with your tip. Confidence to take on new things is really important in this hobby.  Having mentors and guidance helps gain that confidence a hell-of-a-lot faster than trying to make mistakes, hitting roadblocks, and stumbling on our own.   I watch a lot of videos on techniques, but never saw that tip before.  This just goes to show the importance of this forum in getting help from 1000's of other hobbiests who are also learning (and leading) too, and the spread of knowledge we share.  


Being trapped in this hell that is Covid has really isolated me, so this forum has made a great chance for me to keep some of my social needs met, while also remaining in my hobby cave shut-out from the world.  


Small thing, DragonWyrm to suggest a tip like that, but the reality of those little shares are they make a tremendous difference for me.  I encourage feedback constantly because i want to learn and grow.  I admire those who can spread the wealth of knowledge and force myself to attempt the things they suggest.  That is unless it's stealing or something illegal... then in that case i hope they get hit by a bus. 


Kudos, sir! 

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