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Rangers of Shadow Deep Campaign


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Like most people minus a few games here and there with my wife I haven't played a proper wargame or skirmish game in quite awhile. My wife and I did start a Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago campaign awhile back but instead of an ongoing campaign it halted after a single game. As she usually steamrolls me in most games I understand why she prefers to wait until our usual group finally starts getting together again. I guess she just knows me too well, making me an easy opponent. As for myself I'd rather be playing, even if I always lose, but I can see how always winning could get boring (Not that I'd actually know). The need to play finally brought me around to solo games which I'd never tried before and here we are. On many recommendations I ended up with Rangers of Shadow Deep, which makes sense as its only a modified Frostgrave system with a bit more meat to it.


Before writing up my first experiences with the game however there is one problem I've found. Its nothing to do with the system itself instead it has to do with my own shortcomings. Apparently my terrain and miniature collection (especially when it comes to monsters) is amazingly lacking. Up until playing this first game I thought I had a fairly decent collection but I guess I was just fooling myself. My warband didn't even escape this oversight and ended up being the most ramshackle bunch of any of my armies/squads. With that warning out of the way here is my first game...


The first mission begins just after the destruction of a neighboring kingdom and the appearance of the Shadow Deep itself. The book describes this as a realm permanently covered in black clouds and filled with evil creatures. With the entire kingdom on high alert you are tasked with locating a missing Ranger that was investigating attacks on a nearby village.


As you approach the village you feel that something is wrong. Everything is too quiet and the village itself smells of recent death. You pass bodies lying in the dirt as you move into the village proper. As your group reaches the village square and is beginning to form search parties you hear a horrible moaning sound surrounding you.


Seems like a great place to start the actual game right, but there are still a couple last pieces of bookkeeping. First up is introducing my actual warband (you were warned they were an odd lot)



Missing almost all of the necessary monsters I had to improvise.

The modern zombies are filling in for fantasy zombies.

The kobolds are filling in for giant rats.

The skeletons are filling in for giant spiders.

The three adventurers will be filling in for the village survivors.


As if that wasn't enough proxying I also had to proxy buildings with small wall sections. With the scenario needing houses with doors I selected center of the open area on each wall to act as the door. 


Starting out your warband is deployed in the center of the village represented here with the well. There are six different points of interest that may act as clues to the missing rangers whereabouts. As you can see four zombies and two giant rats are deployed around the village. Clue 1 was moved 6" closer to my Ranger as he passed a perception check prior to the game. 



With my first turn I started pairing my warband off attempting to reach all the clues. Going clockwise starting with my ranger (I'll be doing this going forward), he easily reached the first clue and managed to find a survivor (represented by the red wizard). Recruit 2 (The Ninja) managed to kill a zombie right off the bat. My arcanist (Oswald the overladen) started moving toward the clue inside the "house" while my knight (female half Orc) and hound (dog from a quarter machine) killed a giant rat. The archer (high elf archer) almost completely hidden by the well shot the zombie in front of him and brought it down to half health. Meanwhile my templar (old pikeman) and recruit 1 (villager with torch) were having trouble with their giant rat as the templar went down to only four health. That rat really did a number on him. Finally before the turn ended the event deck brought two more zombies onto the board.


8.thumb.jpg.949772b31a7f2dd34fe73fae1788a3db.jpgOn turn two my Ranger started working his way over to the other clue "house" and killed a zombie. The survivor made a beeline to the center of the village. Recruit 2 was knocked out fighting a zombie and the arcanist had to finish the job. The knight and the hound managed to defeat their first zombie while recruit 1 had to step in and save the archer after he was nearly killed. The templar slowly made his way closer to another clue. Then the event deck spawned another two zombies. 9.thumb.jpg.744390d718e9e18b2f7c57fc6aa1dccc.jpg



Turn three my ranger entered into his second combat. The survivor reached the well and the arcanist finally reached the door. The door requires either a Pick Lock or Strength roll (TN8) to enter, he tried to pick the lock but failed. Using a double move the knight went around the building getting closer to the second clue. Also using a double move recruit 2 started moving toward clue five. The archer shot at another zombie almost killing it but came up short. Meanwhile the hound tore across the board with it's double move and the templar reached the third clue. The third clue ended up being a mutilated body and with a very lucky survival roll he was able to determine the nature of the bite marks. Finally the event deck caused one of the buildings to collapse (Going forward it received a die on top of it), recruit 1 was too close and was nearly crushed. Fortunately he came away unscathed.


11.thumb.jpg.6d17fb5cd3a2ac93dee8c1436a80db05.jpgTurn four found my ranger and hound struggling to kill a zombie with my hound taking a hit. The survivor was content to hold his ground at the fountain while the arcanist continued to struggle with the door. The knight made it to the second clue but all she found was a zombie. The archer finally one shotted a zombie while recruit 1 finished off another. Recruit 1 also made it to clue five and found a potion of Wraithwalk. Try as he might the templar was still too far away to help the ranger and hound but he did close the distance. The event deck even spawned a zombie beside one of the clues inside a "house". 


12.thumb.jpg.cf7022bc64f3101c2ea70eacff08800e.jpgTurn five my ranger killed his second zombie with an assist from the hound. Again the survivor was content and the arcanist struggled with the door. Poor guy just couldn't get a decent roll. The knight began trading blows with a zombie and after just one turn they were both down to half health. Recruit 1 used a double move to start heading down to the arcanist hoping to put his +3 lockpicking skill to use. Obviously I should have sent him there in the first place but I really underestimated that simple TN8 roll. The archer like the survivor was content to stay where he was as he was very close to death. Last but not least the templar reached the "door" of the second clue "house", unfortunately he missed his strength roll. Finally thanks to the event deck my hound was struck with terror completely incapacitating him for a turn.     



Turn six the ranger opened the door (after the templar failed during a group activation) and found strange tracks at the fourth clue. Using his tracking skill he was even able to determine their nature. The hound remained where it was frozen in fear while the survivor chose again to stay at the well. Recruit 1 used a double move again trying to get to the sixth clue. The arcanist continued to struggle with the door while the knight finished off her zombie and moved in to assist. The archer again stayed at the well. Then event deck then spawned four more zombies at the same location as the starting enemies.


14.thumb.jpg.52ce30e7b53dd0d1f0119d9370067534.jpgTurn seven found my ranger, templar, and hound stuck fighting two zombies and managing to only kill one. The survivor and archer finally moved away from the well and closer to their allies. This didn't work out to well for the survivor as you see. The arcanist left the door and positioned himself between the archer and the incoming zombie. Recruit 1 killed another zombie and the knight opened the door. Instead of a clue as to the whereabouts of the missing ranger she found a treasure token (represented here by an old scatter die). The event deck had one more surprise in store for me however, it spawned two more giant rats.


As you can see in the picture I initially placed them incorrectly and forgot to take another picture after discovering my mistake. They are supposed to spawn out of line of sight beside a random building but if that's not possible they must spawn beside the building as close as they can to an enemy. In this case I could spawn only one out of line of sight (the one on the left) but the other one was clearly visible to my knight no matter where I placed him behind the building. The photo doesn't give this justice but believe me my laser pointer had the last word on the matter. So instead of spawning behind the building they spawned almost right on top of the survivor as the altered picture shows.



As you can imagine turn eight was quite a melee. The survivor was killed by the giant rats before I could intervene. I did however manage to kill one of them. My arcanist even got his hands dirty again at the end but only managed to lose two health for his trouble. 


Things were a bit better with my ranger's group as they killed their last zombie.


They didn't exactly achieve their goal of finding the missing ranger but that wasn't due to lack of trying, that's just the way the dice rolled. Securing a treasure wasn't bad though as it turned out to be a Herb Pouch which in this system is a pretty good "magic item". The ranger received almost enough XP to level up while all his companions received two progression points, minus recruit 2 of course. As for recruit 2's injuries I'm happy to say he'll make a full recovery.   


As far as a first game goes this actually went pretty smoothly, already knowing most of the system certainly helped though. I've got to say I really appreciate the way the scenario system handles monsters, knowing everything you need ahead of time for a mission is great. I know that comes at the sacrifice of a table of random encounters but it certainly makes it easier to plan for (even though I just proxied everything, you know what I mean). Also the number of each monster that it suggests was spot on, I really thought I'd have to grab some extra zombies or "rats" but I didn't. I really think this system might be the perfect fit for me. Even before lockdown and everything that came with it I had trouble finding anyone interested in playing Frostgrave or Ghost Archipelago (which I prefer). So a system that expands upon that and offers solo play is right up my alley. 


With any luck I'd like to play this once a week for at least the foreseeable future. I'm a little rusty with writing battle reports and honestly I haven't written that may to begin with but with practice I hope to get better. I can already see that my notes need to be way better if for no other reason than to make writing the report quicker and less tedious. I had to look up so many things that could have been avoided had I just taken better notes. 

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I really like ROSD especially the missions in the rule book. I played a lot of it with the kids when it came out but we stalled when my younger one decided he didn't feel like playing anymore. So I haven't kept up with the latest books. Love the write up. Frostgrave and ROSD really made me expand on the terrain I had and monsters/opponents. Keep it up.

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I will have to read the entire Bat Rep, but I'm always excited to see someone else playing a game I enjoy. Did you know Joe has published other solo scenarios for his games? The Frostgrave Folio has 3 or 4 missions and Perilous Dark is all about how to play solo games. It's a very interesting read, as much an essay on developing solo games as missions. 


My collection of monsters is slowly growing, too. I used to paint armies, so not many animals in my collection. My favorite proxy is to sneak down to the railroad tracks and steal pieces of rock to use as...rocks. 

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I think Rangers is what gave us the push to buy a 3D printer, and why Grumpy was convinced we would be mostly doing terrain. ::):


There are some awesome 3D models for buildings, piers, bridges, and whatnots.


There's this shattered tower bridge that has been waiting for paint since Black Friday.


I LOVE the cooperative play in this game.

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After proxying all that terrain and playing such a mishmash of a warband I found something today. Turns out I own quite a few buildings I'd forgotten about. Since I wanted to repaint them they were all sitting in a "to prime box" awaiting my next big priming day. Its true they're too modern but they are actual buildings. 20210131_181014.thumb.jpg.fbe3e48b00e82b9ce70010ac6f77c4bc.jpg

Turns out I even had a couple more fantasy appropriate options alongside other proxies with actual doors.



I even remembered what happened to all the great miniatures I have for smaller games. Never knowing when I'll get a chance to play a game I tend to keep warbands/squads together alongside their quick reference cards. So if someone wants to play I'm ready to go. This is four warbands for Song of Blades and Heroes alongside the two crews for my wife and I from our failed Ghost Archipelago campaign.


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Excerpt from Ranger Aarn Cral's campaign journal 


Thanks to the Templar and my own findings we determined that the village had been attacked by giant spiders. It also appears that the spider's venom was the cause of the reanimated dead as well. Going forward we'll have to be careful lest we succumb to this venom and become undead ourselves. The tracks we uncovered indicated that the spiders themselves move slowly so they probably aren't too far off feasting on the remaining villagers. We took the time to patch ourselves up, made a pyre for the dead, and set off following the unique tracks. They lead into a nearby wood and its a safe bet they're not too deep inside. For now our mission is clear, we must find the foul spiders, destroy them and any nests they may have, and rescue any survivors. I honestly doubt anyone has survived this long, but I dare not say this in front of the men they cling to the hope that someone has survived this catastrophe. I believe the loss of the villager during our encounter with the undead is weighing heavy on them....   



Staring out the warband is deployed on the opposite side of the board from the spider's nest trees (indicated here by the four independent evergreen trees). Scattered about the map there are five cocoons (represented here by the numbered chips). Thanks to a successful tracking roll from my Knight we were able to reach the nesting grounds quickly, this removed one spider from the board. Then thanks to my Ranger's successful survival roll my Archer received a dose of Farlight Leaf. This gave my Archer +1 shoot, -1 fight, -1 will for the entire encounter. Also just like last time skeletons will act as my spider proxies.


Turn one found my Ranger reaching the first cocoon (marker 5) which revealed a survivor (the red wizard yet again, maybe he'll survive this time). The first spider double moved and made it into combat with my Ranger. Recruit 1, the Arcanist, and the Hound all double moved toward the Ranger positioning themselves to assist on the next turn. Meanwhile the Archer took a shot at a spider and missed. The knight made it to the second cocoon (marker 4) revealing a zombie inside. It managed a decent swing and brought the knight down to seven health. The Templar and Recruit 2 made it into combat but couldn't attack. 2.thumb.jpg.654d38e4c704ac0eb69699d241d32474.jpg

Finally the event deck provided a Ray of Light causing a giant spider to move 6" in any direction you choose. This proved to be a bit of a misstep but this is the movement I chose. 



Turn two found my Arcanist and Hound each killing a spider. This did however take a ton of assistance. My Archer missed another shot while my Knight cirtted against her zombie. Recruit 2 and the Templar began moving to the next cocoon (marker 1 behind the white tree). The event deck spawned another spider by the nesting trees.



Turn three my Ranger was poisoned by a spider and brought down to 11 health before my Hound could crit the spider killing it outright. The Hound really proved his worth during this game. Recruit 1 wasn't so lucky however as he went all the way down to 1 health in addition to being poisoned. The Templar managed to reach another cocoon (marker 1) and found another zombie. Upon the subsequent fight he almost killed the zombie but had to settle for bringing it down to 2 health. The Archer finally hit something and one shotted a spider before finally making his first move. Then the event deck webbed my Ranger locking him in place until he made a TN12 strength roll. 

8.thumb.jpg.630f3b5fb98e9bd871da41680a53f5f0.jpgTurn four found my Ranger still webbed and unable to move. The Arcanist managed to kill a spider in a single hit and the Templar killed a zombie. At this point Recuit 2, the Knight, and the Archer all started making for the nest trees. The survivor also started moving forward. Then the event deck spawned yet another spider. 



Turn five my Ranger finally made his strength roll but I thought that counted as his one action (as he was poisoned) so he didn't move. Rereading it after the fact it sounds like he should have still had his single activation after the strength roll but it was an honest mistake. The Hound and Arcanist both took double moves trying to get to the leftmost nest tree. The survivor moved to the center of the board looking for the safest place. The Templar killed his first spider while Recruit 2 found a dead body in the third cocoon (marker 2). The Archer took a double move aiming for the rightmost nest tree. Then the event deck webbed my Knight.



Turn six my Ranger finally began moving again and started inching his way towards everyone. The Arcanist burnt the first nest tree while the Templar reached the last cocoon (marker 3). Inside the Templar found another survivor (the pirate with treasure chest). Recruit 2 moved up to a nest tree and prepared to light it on fire while the Archer lit the second nest tree on fire. Finally the event deck spawned another nest tree with a spider and a treasure token (marker 3 this time). 



Turn seven found my Ranger moving toward the survivor with the intent to watch over him for the final turns. The other survivor managed to stay alive during a combat with the newly spawned giant spider. Recruit 2 lit a nest tree on fire and the Templar lost half his health to a spider and was poisoned to boot. The Arcanist moved to the next tree while everyone else moved in to help the wounded Templar, Knight, and Recruit 1. Ending the round the event deck webbed Recruit 2.



Turn eight found almost everyone moving in to assist against the spider before Recruit 1 managed to kill it. He also picked up the treasure token (again represented here by a scatter die). Recruit 2 couldn't break free from the webbing. The Arcanist and the Archer burnt the last two trees. Then just to make it interesting the event deck spawned yet another nest tree complete with spider and treasure token. 



Turn nine I knew I wouldn't be able to destroy the tree before the game ended but that didn't stop me from trying. Everyone who could took a double move with the Archer taking a shot and missing. Finally the event deck spawned yet another spider at a random nest tree, seeing as there was only one it wasn't that random. 



Turn ten was quite the brawl. The Arcanist fatally wounded a spider while outright killing the other. Then the Hound came in landing the killing blow on the final spider. The event deck must have noticed how great the Hound was doing today because the last thing it did was web it in place. 



Nobody was knocked out but the group took quite a beating.


As for the treasure it was pretty good so I thought I'd post Recruit 1's Heroic rolls. First up was a 16 giving me a weapon or armor.


Then an 18 on the Weapons and Armor table gave me Heavy Armor, Blocking (1). So it looks like my Ranger is getting some new armor. 



Last but not least my Ranger reached level 1 and I was allowed to improve his skills. 


Honestly I initially thought I'd dedicate more to leadership seeing as I only need a few more Recruitment Points to swap my Hound for a low ranking human fighter. After two games though I can really see the advantages to keeping the hound. True it has limited interactions and uses but it can fly across the board to provide combat assistance where needed. Considering the low Recruitment cost It certainly has a use and seems to work very well with my playstyle.    

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Excerpt from Ranger Aarn Cral's campaign journal 


Without a body we must continue to list Ranger Aventine as missing presumed dead. We knew determining his fate wasn't likely, that's just how it is for Rangers, but it still hurt. That unspoken understanding didn't hinder our joy from saving two villagers however. I think the men really needed that. The addition of some magical armor certainly helped everyone's mood as well, its not everyday you come across such treasure. 


Our joy was short lived however, lasting only long enough to escort the villagers to the closest town. A messenger found us as we entered the town carrying a missive containing our next assignment. Contact with the beacon tower of Tor Varden has been lost and it is assumed to have been overrun. We are ordered to investigate immediately and if the tower has fallen we are to ascertain what troops currently occupy it and harass or eliminate them if an opportunity arises. With no rest we set out immediately.


Moving through the rocky plains known as "the Scree" it wasn't until we were nearly upon the Enthel River that the fate of Tor Varden became all too clear. Almost drowned out by the river itself we could hear guttural voices filling the air with barks and whines. Gnolls... Atop a boulder I managed to get a clear view confirming what our ears already knew. Flanking the only bridge were four Gnolls armed with bows patrolling while on the bridge itself three more were standing guard. The largest one on the bridge appeared to be in command. Near the bridge on the far side of the river was a small encampment containing more of the creatures, they obviously wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.


Deciding not to waste time heading to another crossing only to likely find a similar defense we prepared to attack. Our plan is to use the rocks and foliage to our advantage, moving silently towards the defenders, and launching our attack before they can rally together.


1.thumb.jpg.e43188e30ee50207cb178c3a51701f6b.jpg Like the previous games I better introduce the proxies before jumping into things.

The Kobolds will be filling in for the Gnoll archers.

The Orc will be filling in for the Gnoll Sergeant.

The "White" Knights will be filling in for the Gnoll fighters.

The spearman will be filling in for a Man-at-Arms.

The winged Kobold will be filling in for a vulture.



Staring out the warband is deployed on the opposite side of the board from the river. In the Gnoll's encampment are a clue (marker 1) and a treasure (this time represented by a treasure chest atop marker 2). To the bridge's left there is also a random die, this actually notes a small ford that exists in the river that can be crossed. Thanks to a lucky navigation roll by my Ranger I was able to move three figures 6" in any direction. Then a stealth roll also allowed me to move one Gnoll 6" in any direction. 



Mistake that it was this is what I went with.



Turn one really set the tone of the game. My Ranger, Arcanist, and Hound group activated and all opted for double moves. Thanks to poor positioning my Ranger was spotted during the creature phase, which raised the alarm eliminating the chance for the scenario's extra stealth damage. One of the Gnoll archers even tried to shoot him turn one. Meanwhile Recruit 2 took a double move while my Archer attempted a shot and failed to hit. The Knight, Templar, and Recruit 1 all took double moves as well. Finally the event deck, which only activates on odd numbered turns, spawned a booby trap at the Knight's feet. Failing her perception check (TN7) she dropped down to 5 health.


6.thumb.jpg.ee207148464be9cf02c358909076fa74.jpgTurn two the Ranger tied against a Gnoll archer and they both took damage. This killed the archer but also dropped my Ranger down to 10 health. With enemies in sight the Gnolls started moving towards the bridge and began crossing. The second archer even got a shot off at Recruit 2 but missed. The Arcanist and Hound used a double move to get into combat with an archer (nearly hidden behind the bush). Recruit 2 also used a double move to close the distance with the archer. My archer actually hit with his second shot but didn't do any damage. The next Gnoll archer shot at the approaching Knight but missed. The final archer made up for it however, with no enemies in sight its first action was a random move which almost brought it right beside the Knight. It's second action was to shoot the Knight knocking her out. Recruit 1 took a double move to close with this archer. The Templar was close enough to move into combat and attacked bringing the archer down to 2 health.   




Turn three the Ranger used his heal spell to recover 5 health before moving into combat. Most of the Gnolls entered the fray and it did not go well for my side. The Arcanist went all the way down to 2 health but did manage to kill an archer. My Ranger became the main target of the Gnolls attack but he brought one down to 5 health while killing another. My Hound was knocked out by the Gnoll Sergeant. Then my archer was shot and brought down to 5 health. Recruit 1 was killed, Recruit 2 went down to 3 health, the Archer missed yet another shot, and then the Templar went down to 3 health. Finally the event deck must have taken some pity on me because it spawned a Man-at-arms (a survivor from the tower).



Turn four brought about another group activation. Recruit 2 killed a fighter, the Ranger brought a fighter down to 3 health, and the Arcanist brought the Sergeant down to 4 health. The Man-at-arms brought a fighter down to 2 health while the Archer dodged a shot from the last Gnoll archer. The Templar killed his first archer. The Arcanist managed to win against the Sergeant again but only did 1 damage. Meanwhile both the Ranger and the Man-at-arms killed their respective enemies. My archer missed another shot and decided to move in closer. The templar moved and attacked the last Gnoll archer and was killed. 



Turn five during a group activation the Ranger killed the Gnoll Sergeant with the help of the Arcanist and Recruit 2. My archer was killed by the final Gnoll archer. The Man-at-arms investigated the clue (marker 1) and found a set of keys, he even recognized them as keys from Tor Varden. Then the event deck spawned a Gnoll Fighter.



Turn six the Ranger, Arcanist, and Recruit 2 group activated and made a double move into combat with the last Gnoll archer. This was a bit of a mistake as immediately after the Arcanist was killed. The Gnoll fighter moved towards the fight while the Man-at-arms reached the treasure.



Turn seven the Ranger finally brought an end to the murderous Gnoll archer's rampage. He also held his own against the Gnoll fighter. Meanwhile the Man-at-arms picked up the treasure and began moving towards the fight. Finally the event deck spawned yet another Gnoll fighter. 



Turn eight my Ranger couldn't land a hit and Recruit 2 was brought down to 1 health right before he was killed. The Man-at-arms made a double move but was just shy of entering the battle.  



Turn nine my Ranger used a Powerful Blow to kill one of the fighters. Then during the creature phase he critted against the final fighter. Finally thanks to the event deck it began to rain.


Technically I had one more turn to play, but as there were no enemies and neither figure could reach the table edge, which would have netted me some extra XP, I called it here. Then I began the task of rolling all the aftergame results. On the treasure side of things I found a Two Handed Weapon with Elemental Strike (3), not a bad piece of treasure but I'm sure you're more interested in how my warband faired. They honestly didn't do too bad, everyone made a full recovery except the Arcanist and the Hound. My Arcanist survived with a smashed leg (-1 Move) and the Hound only lost a few toes (-.5 Move). Not too bad considering the entire warband minus my Ranger went down. Apparently all my good rolls were reserved for my aftergame results. 


Though it might seem odd I had a ton of fun playing this game. I went into the scenario pretty confident but by turn three I really thought I had a TPK on my hands. Even while trying to beat the scenario and somehow survive I was thinking about my next warband. I couldn't help it I really thought this Campaign, or at least this group, was coming to an end. For that reason alone I'll probably remember this game for a long time to come. Check back next week when my entire warband moves as a group due to player paranoia.   

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This is my next scenario, too. I'm in the process of making rocky outcrops. I'm planning on sending my rangers against the two scenarios in Menagerie. Lots of gnolls there, too. I'm kind of worried for my warband now, but I know my pharaoh prince wouldn't be afraid of them. I really like the look of Menagerie, it lets you add all kinds of animal companions. I bought the official FG gnolls and they were a blast to paint and assemble. I've only assembled half the box, saving the others in case I need to make special or new figures for future scenarios. I might have missed it, but what spells does your arcanist know?

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2 hours ago, Great Khan Artist said:

I might have missed it, but what spells does your arcanist know?

None, my Arcanist is a standard companion. He just has the skills Ancient Lore +5, Read Runes +5, and Navigation +3.


My Ranger however has the Spell Heal along with the Heroic Abilities Halt Undead and Powerful Blow. The last game was the first time I used any of them simply because they didn't seem necessary in the other scenarios. 

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Oops. I always get the arcanist confused with the conjuror. I hired a conjuror for my warband. He has lure and transpose as spells. Being able to move evil figures around the table has saved the bacon of a few characters. He usually hangs out with the recruits and supports them in fights. I haven't played in so long I forget who else is in my band. I know I have a rogue and a tracker and I think the other ones are recruits. I know I hired an archer for the next mission, because I painted one! Mostly I've been working on monsters and terrain. I've been putting off making the river because I want an MDF one, but until I buy Dad a special sawblade, he won't cut it for me. I might get the Hirst arts blocks out and mess around with making a bridge. 

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