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Rangers of Shadow Deep Campaign


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I thought I had already posted this but it turns out I hadn't. 


I didn't play this past weekend as I've been dealing with household projects instead. With the little bit of downtime I've had I chose to spend it painting instead of playing. Though I love playing games with others (and find it a better stress reliever than painting at times) solo gaming is a different story. By a huge margin I find painting the better stress reliever to solo gaming so that's what I've been doing instead. 


Barring anything else happening I'll play the dormitory scenario this upcoming weekend and hopefully get back to playing on a regular night again. 

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I'm quite a bit behind with this week's game but the battle report should be up sometime tonight. This scenario won't take too long to write up, ominous vagueness very much intentional. 

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I had hoped to post this report last night but I simply didn't get a chance to write it up. As some of you may already know my hobby time is usually limited to a few hours in the evening after the rest of the family has gone to bed. Those couple of hours are when I play, paint, or write up battle reports just as I intended to last night. The kid was having a particularly rough night however and writing up a battle report naturally went by the wayside. So even later than expected here is my report of the last game and my final chance to find clues leading to the decanter.


Excerpt from Ranger Aarn Cral's campaign journal 


With the staircase leading up from the hospital partially collapsed it wasn't easy reaching the top. Towards the end we even had to climb up the wall itself. Some of the party struggled with this more than the others. Looking around the destruction is even greater than it appeared from below. Three large holes nearly cut the room in half and just like the hospital there are webs everywhere. Spiders have truly taken over this section of the convent.  



As per usual its time to introduce this game's proxies.

The Spider will be an actual Giant Spider.

The Orc will be filling in for a Gnoll Sergeant.

The White Knight will be filling in for a Gnoll Fighter.

The Kobold will be filling in for a Gnoll Archer.

The GW Dwarf will be filling in for a Giant Fly.

The Skeleton will be filling in for a Tortured Soul.

The Kurgan inspired Skeleton will be filling in for a Shadow Knight.



This scenario does contain a few special rules worth going over as well. First all heroes must make a Climb Roll (TN8) to reach the room on the first turn otherwise they show up on turn two. Secondly the room has three narrow walkways between three rather large holes in the floor (represented here by torn up shop towels). These walkways being rather narrow and weak come with some added problems. Any figure that makes a second move during it's activation and ends it within 2" of a hole, or that loses a combat while within 2" of a hole must make either a Move Roll (TN12) or an Acrobatics Roll (TN8) or fall through the hole. Thankfully the webs below will cushion the figure's fall and it won't be hurt but it will be out of the scenario. Giant Spiders and any figures with the flying ability will not have to roll to avoid falling into the holes however. Last but not least the heroes may exit the table by the stairs or through one of the holes. 



Turn one my Ranger, Templar, Knight, and Recruit 2 all passed the Climb Roll (TN8) but my Arcanist and Recruit 1 weren't so lucky. My Ranger group activated with the Templar and Knight. All three use double moves approaching the first walkway. My Ranger is the only one close enough to force a Move Roll however and he passes. 


The two Giant Spiders double moved towards the party. 

*On a side note though the Giant Spiders and Giant Flies cannot fall through the holes in the floor I was unsure if they could move over the holes. As described each hole should be a mess of webs which I assume the Giant Spiders could cross and obviously the Giant Flies would simply fly over. With no rules clarification that I could find I decided to force everything to move around the holes just like the heroes. It may not be right but that's how I ran it.


Recruit 2 took a single move choosing to wait for the rest of the party to arrive. 


The Event Deck then spawned a Gnoll party made up of a Gnoll Sergeant, a Gnoll Fighter, and a Gnoll Archer.   


Turn two the Arcanist and Recruit 1 finally arrived. My Ranger group activated with the Templar and Knight. My Ranger double moved across the walkway and failing his Move Roll (with a Nat 1) fell through a hole. My Templar and Knight proved luckier as they both double moved and passed their Move Rolls.


The Gnoll Sergeant double moved towards the party and passed his Move Roll with a natural 20. The Gnoll Fighter also double moved but failed his Move Roll and fell through the hole. The Gnoll Archer shot at my Knight but missed. Last but not least the two Giant Spiders took another double.


My Arcanist and Recruit 1 double moved into combat with a Giant Spider. Recruit 2 then moved into combat with the Giant Spider and attacked. Hitting the Giant Spider for 1 damage it went down to 3 health.


The Event Deck then spawned a Giant Spider in front of one of the chests.  



Turn three the Gnoll Sergeant attacked my Knight hitting for 2 damage and taking her down to 11 health. Unfortunately my Knight then failed her Move Roll and fell into a hole. The Gnoll Archer shot at my Templar and missed. The two Giant Spiders not in combat took double moves towards the party. The Giant Spider locked in combat attacked Recruit 2 and losing it was killed. 


My Templar attacked the Gnoll Sergeant and managed to kill it with a single blow. The Arcanist, Recruit 1, and Recruit 2 then double moved into combat with another Giant Spider.


The Event Deck then spawned two Giant Flies on the staircase.  



Turn four the Gnoll Archer shot at my Templar and missed. The Giant Flies double moved. A Giant Spider attacked my Templar and was killed. The other Giant Spider attacked Recruit 2 and was also killed. 


Trying to get over the narrow walkway my Templar double moved. Like the others he failed his Move Roll and fell through the hole. My Arcanist, Recruit 2, and Recruit 1 all double moved towards a walkway. Recruit 1 passed his Move Roll with a natural 20. 


The Event Deck then spawned another Giant Spider in front of a chest. This time at the other end of the table however.



Turn five the Gnoll Archer shot Recruit 1 and hit for 3 damage taking him down to 6 health. Luckily Recruit 1 passed his Move Roll and stayed on the walkway. The Giant Flies and the Giant Spider double moved towards the remaining party.


Recruit 1, Recruit 2, and my Arcanist all double moved onto the walkway and passed their Move Rolls. 


The Event Deck obviously didn't take to kindly to my figures passing their rolls however as an earthquake began. This forced all figures within 2" of a hole to pass either an Acrobatics Roll (TN10) or a Move Roll (TN18) to avoid falling into the hole. Recruit 1 failed a Move Roll while Recruit 2 failed his Acrobatics Roll (oddly enough this is one of the few Acrobatics Rolls he's ever attempted and even with a +3 he failed).  My Arcanist somehow passed his Move Roll though and stayed on the board. 



Turn six the Gnoll Archer shot at my Arcanist and missed. The Giant Flies double moved. The Giant Spider attacked the Arcanist and hit for 3 damage taking him down to 5 health. 


My Arcanist then attacked the Giant Spider and lost taking 1 damage going down to 4 health.


The Event Deck then spawned a Tortured Soul. 



Turn seven the Gnoll Archer double moved and passed his Move Roll. The first Giant Fly attacked the Arcanist and was killed. The Second one attacked the Arcanist and knocked him out ending the scenario. 



Somehow my Arcanist survived and made a full recovery. After the usual healing and the after game checks in this mission the party isn't looking too bad going into the final search. My group activation pals are even at full health. 


My Knight also leveled up after the game. This allowed me to add +4 to any skill to a maximum of 10. I almost added it to swimming but I decided a +8 strength would prove more useful. So I guess we know who will be breaking down all the doors going forward. 


Without any more clues its finally come down to a simple guess. Will I guess correctly and find the decanter or will I guess wrong and have to return empty handed? Tune in next time to find out!

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Though I always meant to finish this campaign I'm here to finally say that this campaign is indeed over. After playing the last game, almost a year ago, I went ahead and set up the next game on the table. It has languished there all this time, until today. Realizing I wasn't coming back to the game I broke down the table and put everything away. I'm not exactly sure why this one fell apart but I guess I just put the game off for too long. After a couple weeks passed I just wasn't motivated to keep playing. So the campaign is officially finished. 


I have kept my notes, character sheets, and of course miniatures so maybe one day I will play the final scenario but I don't see that happening anytime soon. 

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Well, sometimes the fire just goes out and it's time to move on. In the end, it's just a hobby, so there's no point in forcing yourself to do it if it's no fun anymore.


Thanks for the ride, I really enjoyed your battle reports!

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5 hours ago, Samedi said:

Well, sometimes the fire just goes out and it's time to move on. In the end, it's just a hobby, so there's no point in forcing yourself to do it if it's no fun anymore.

That's exactly what I was thinking as I broke down the table. Though solo gaming can help in a pinch it's just not enough to sustain my interest. I chose the tabletop hobby for the social interaction and engagement, removing that leaves the hobby pretty hollow. So at least for me solo gaming is a supplement not a substitute.


Having played a game against an actual opponent recently has renewed my interest in playing however. It'll probably be awhile before I'm ready for solo gaming again though, I'd like a few more "real" games first.

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14 hours ago, Samedi said:

Well, sometimes the fire just goes out and it's time to move on. In the end, it's just a hobby, so there's no point in forcing yourself to do it if it's no fun anymore.


Thanks for the ride, I really enjoyed your battle reports!

I agree with those ^^^^ sentiments. 


Congrats on finding a real live opponent!::):

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    • By Chris Palmer
      @Rob Dean convinced me to give Rangers of Shadow Deep a try, and today we sat down to wrap our heads around the rules and play the first mission.   Rob provided everything from his traveling Battle in a Box collection.  As a change from our usual forays into the McCullough-verse, where we usually use stuff from our 28mm collections, the figures we used were ones selected from Rob's collection of beautifully painted 1/72 plastics. 
        Rob chose, besides the given Ranger (Marcus), an Archanist (Corvus), an Archer (Alana), and a Hound (Duke) for his companions.  I selected, other than my Ranger (Churchill),  a Rogue (Firefly) and a Guardsman (Cromwell).
        The mission had us investigating the disappearance of a fellow Ranger in a nearby town.  As we gathered in the town's center to discuss the fact that the town seemed abandoned and awfully quiet, a nearby moan made us aware of the approach of 4 zombies; one each from each table edge. 
         Quickly we jumped into action, and while some of us battled Zombies, others in our party attempted to tracked down the clues.  Of course some of the clues, and the Random Events each turn, produced more Zombies, or Giant Rats.  As the game went on, our wounds mounted, and we kept having to divert our clue-seeking in order to battle the creatures who kept getting in our way.  Eventually though, one by one, we were able to uncover the clues within the 8 turn limit while only two Companions were brought down during the game (Alana and Cromwell).  We never found the the missing Ranger, but we were able to determine what was going on and who was responsible for the apparent attack on the village and appearance of the Zombies. And, after the game, no one was found to be diseased, and all made a full recovery.  
      We really enjoyed the game; especially the narrative aspects of the small personal nature of only controlling a few figures, and the inclusion of Clues and random Events.  We are looking forward to the next mission.
      A look at our heroic band after the battle.  From left to right: Firefly the Rogue, Churchill the Ranger, Cromwell the Guardsman, Corvus the Arcanist, Marcus the Ranger, Alana the Archer, and Duke the Hound.

      We gather in the village's center to discuss our plan. Behind us is a house with a clue (as well as a pair of Giant Rats), another house with a clue can be seen just on the left edge of the photo.  (Note the clues are inside the buildings, but the interiors of Rob's buildings can not be accessed)

      We jump into action as the 4 starting Zombies approach.  Alana the Archer releases an arrow at the one entering from the bottom of the photo, hitting it and doing 3 HP damage.  My Ranger, Churchill, fires an arrow and kills one of the Giant Rats near the clue building at the top of the photo.  Firefly the Rogue moves to the building with a clue on the left and picks the locked door, as Cromwell the Guardsman runs up to the other clue building and dispatches the second rat with his mighty two-handed axe. .

      The fight continues as more Zombies appear.  At the top of the photo, Cromwell the Guardsman has successfully found the clue in the house which, after busting down the locked door with his great-ax, turned out to be treasure(!) and he now moves to investigate a clue by some nearby rocks. But has he moves towards the rocks he is set upon by another Zombie.  Alana and Churchill battle a Zombie near the other house, while Corvus faces off against a Zombie as well.  Firefly the Rogue had in the meantime discovered tracks in the clue house he searched and was able to determine what caused them, but ended up battling a Zombie and being reduced to 1 HP,  so he discreetly ran off to check a clue at the village's edge near some other rocks.  Corvus also at this point had found a clue by a small stream, off the upper right corner of the photo, which was a mangled body with mysterious bite marks for which he was able to determine the source.

      The badly wounded Firefly finds a lone survivor hiding behind the rock, who tells him what happened in the village.  Having just 1 HP left, Firefly asks if she minds if he hides behind the rock with her.

      Just when the sun shines brightest...  the Guardsman Cromwell, having found the treasure in the first building he searched, subsequently went off, and after killing a couple zombies, found a cache of valuable herbs behind the rocks he had gone to search.  Very content, with the treasure tucked under one arm, his great axe over his shoulder and the herbs stuffed in his pouch... he thought himself quite the hero as he passed by the house he had searched earlier.  But, at that point in the turn, the next to last turn, we rolled for the random event and it turned out to be Building Collapse!  Roll for random building, and it turns out to be the one he is standing next to.  We suspect he hit the house a little too hard earlier to bust the door in; and according to the event table upon its collapse everyone inside and within 2"  of it must take a +4 attack.   Unfortunately, Cromwell rolled poorly and couldn't withstand having a building drop on him and he was reduced to 0 health points.. his treasure and herbs lost amongst the debris.  Luckily, as I mentioned earlier he did roll to be Fully Recovered later that night, but when questioned about what happened he had no memory of the event. 🙂 

    • By Inarah
      "Starting with the latest expansion to the GURPS Action series (see Warehouse 23), your pledge of $3 secures you a PDF copy of GURPS Action 8 - Twists. This 10-page PDF, written by Sean Punch, aims to shake things up. "

      10 PDFs for as little as $3 seems like a deal. 
    • By Rat13
      Since before all this craziness started my wife and I have been saying how we should start gaming again. This of course led to the question of, what to play? After some discussion and explanation (not to mention some gentle nudging) we decided to start a Ghost Archipelago campaign seeing as it ticked the most boxes. Its fantasy based, not too complicated or hard to learn, plays quickly, and the combat/general gameplay is enjoyable. 
      I'll be the first to admit this discussion and decision occurred at the beginning of the lockdown and our first game was last Saturday. Why the long delay between deciding and starting? A good and valid question, which basically boils down to home repairs, relearning the system, and creating two identical (stat wise at least) crews. So as the lockdowns start to lift in some places our lockdown campaign finally begins. 
      Before I forget to mention it this was my wife's first game and only my second. So we opted to ignore Heritor and Warden abilities/spells altogether. I know this takes a lot away from the game but we figured it was better to get the basics down first. Our next game will certainly include these however. 
      By simple luck of the die our first scenario just happened to be X Marks the Spot, the first scenario in the book. We placed all the treasures and deployed our crews. 
      My deployment.

      My wife's orks. 

      That's when I noticed I hadn't rolled for the creature/creatures defending the central treasure. It almost didn't matter as it ended up being a skeleton that my archer killed on turn one. I'd call it the play of the day.
      Placement after turn one or two. I honestly lost track. 

      As you can see we're both positioned to grab two regular treasures apiece while a melee is brewing at the central treasure. 
      It was around this time that we both really got into the game and subsequently forgot to take any pictures. Not a bad thing, just not great for a battle report, I'll try my best to report everything missed however. 

      1.)The central treasure had become quite a melee involving both our Heritors and Wardens. I managed to knock out her Heritor just before mine went down. In the picture you can see the two Wardens squaring off for the treasure afterwards.
      2.)At bottom center you can see one of my crewmen getting ready to escape with a treasure.
      3.)Top right corner you can see one of my archers getting ready to escape with another treasure. I managed a very lucky shot which outright killed one of her crewmen that had nearly escaped with that treasure. 
      4.)Middle right my goblin crewmen is almost off table with a treasure.
      5.) Not pictured my wife's orks secured a treasure on the left side of the board.
      The next turn I secured three regular treasures and the desperate fight began for the central treasure. With only my Warden and mercenary remaining I squared off against her Warden, mercenary, infantryman, two archers, and a regular crewman. Though I came close to taking out her warden mere inches from table edge and safety it wasn't meant to be. Both my Warden and mercenary were knocked out and she secured the central treasure. 
      Her final positions after removing my last two figures.

      My casulties and treasure.

      Final results: 
      My mercenary was killed outright while everyone else made a full recovery. 
      Fury Leaves +30gc
      Smoke glass and Lingle berry
      Heritor XP: 185
      With my level up I increased my movement to 7.
      Warden XP: 60
      Her casulties and treasure (including the central treasure).
      Final results: 
      Her Heritor took psychological scars subtracting 1 from her Will, while everyone else made a full recovery.
      Stinkwort and Farlight Leaf
      Fury Leaves + 30gc
      Heritor XP: 160
      With her level up she reduced a heritor abilities utilization number by 1.
      Warden XP: 60
      All in all it was a ton of fun and neither of us can wait for the next game. This game did however show me just how little fantasy terrain I actually have, so I guess I know what my next project is.
    • By Thrym
      It's been a while, so time to start up a group of gamers again.
      I will be starting a Game Session ... once a month for 4, 6 or more hours at a session starting the week of my birth ... March's fourth week somewhere between the 19th and the 25th.  So this is an open invitation to any within driving range of Seneca Falls/Waterloo, NY area who are interested in participating in a month-to-month campaign. 

      This will be a Roleplaying Game with emphasis on the story and roleplaying. Naturally there will be some fighting, adventuring, exploring, thieving, and the like depending on the system chosen. I have two systems that I would like to run .. the first is one I have been sitting on for sometime and features a much more reasonable method of gaming than any system I've played and the second I have just acquired that is also a new style of system for me.

      Regardless of your rolls, the story moves forward ... it just might be more complicated than it was a moment before. Fantasy setting with D&D like characters.

      Based on the comic/graphic novels of the same name. You are mice. Yup, standard size, like in the cover image of the book. But you are one of the Mouse Guard and sworn to protect Lockhaven and the Mouse Territories. The game uses a success dice (d6) system from Burning Wheel.
      So, if you are interested in joining this gaming adventure, reply or message me to get an invite to the Facebook Group.
    • By Reinchard
      we'd like to share our Campaign rules, that we use every winter to run a Warlord campaign in a local wargame club. Around 120 games in total were played using this engine.
      I've already posted the previous variant a couple of years ago.
      The new version introduces skills instead of cards, partially fixed army roster as well as some corrections and re-balancing.
      We encourage the Warlord community to use our scenarios - they add a new level to this great, but unfortunately nearly dead, game.
      Download version 1
      We currently use a simple webpage as a database (only partially on English) of a running event.
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