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77216 firepelt cougar -- sculpt J. Guthrie, paint D. Schubert


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Thanks, folks! 

I have to give credit to the Reaper Challenge League for giving me an incentive to finish and a deadline.

I thought I would knock out a quick paint in 2-3 hours, but this took about 9 hours (2 prep/sculpt/prime, 7 paint), plus some research time.

@Restless : I learned about the king cheetah from the "Wild Cats of the World Coloring Book" that I bought many years ago!  I agonized over getting the pattern "wrong" ... though of course there is no right or wrong with fantasy creatures!  Inspiration from real creatures helps make the fantastical look more believable.

@haldir : Good to see you here, too!

@Mystikant : I like cutting away the integral base if a model has its feet spread far apart, so I can sculpt something with more dynamic ups and downs.  This is also a contrast to a snow leopard that I sculpted & painted on a base with a slight upward tilt: link to Forum post.

@Glitterwolf and @Rigel : Thanks.  The mold line runs down the middle of the head so the eyes are somewhat asymmetrical and the left eye had a slight miscast, so I did some "paint plastic surgery" to make the eyes more symmetrical and bigger (I like to paint big eyes!).



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Thank you, Julie!  I'm glad you like it.

Your sculpts are joys to paint, and my style of painting seems to complement the way you sculpt.  Maybe it's a result of painting so many of your Grenadier and Ral Partha sculpts in my formative years as a painter!

Here, for example, I appreciated your decision to sculpt a variety of textures on the body -- some areas of thicker fur, but also smooth areas where I could emphasize the muscular volumes and imply the short fur with my brushstrokes.


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