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6 minutes ago, Rigel said:

Fantastic work--love the Weyland-Yutani shipping container, and that escape pod is magnificent! I like the glowy runes on that arcane circle, too. 

Thanks, the Weyland Yutani logos weren't exactly centered but I did alright considering I just eyeballed it. As for the escape pod I can't take too much credit, that's actually the scheme Tiny Terrain uses for that piece I just did my best replicating it. The arcane circle was a little surprising as the runes looked that good after just one coat. I really debated a second coat but didn't want the color to be too rich.

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I actually did that too awhile back and for the same game even. I went the dollar store route however, using their succulents, wooden slats, and sand.   I've actually still got a lot of left

Now that I've knocked out a few smaller projects and got back into the groove of painting I think it's time to tackle something a little bigger. Now this project has been on my to do list for awhile b

Most nights I'm surprised by just how much I get done and this is certainly one of those nights, but hopefully you'll agree with me. After cleaning up the base rims on the objective markers I grabbed

Posted Images

Tonight I got back to work on my Baba Yaga hut. By working a little bit off and on throughout the day everything is now basecoated. In some places it's rather sloppily basecoated but at least done.



I even went back one last time today and hit it with it's first wash. Tomorrow when its dry I'll take another look at it to determine the next step.

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Needed a bit of a break from the hut after realizing just how many spots I'd missed. So I worked on a few simple wooden pieces instead.20210317_230826.thumb.jpg.55425a68e98757b49014d69d1397fac3.jpg

There's nothing quite like painting actual wooden pieces to look like wood. It's kind of therapeutic actually if you don't think about it too much. 

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After a very busy week with little downtime that wasn't helped by a Square Enix sale (Managed to pick up Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX) I'm back at my desk again. First up were the wooden docks and barricade. Seeing as they really only needed a dry brush I quickly finished them.20210325_230130.thumb.jpg.d5c628d93f80ea6a763e7a5e870a315a.jpg

Not too bad for some dollar store wooden pallets and a barricade I made practically when I started in this hobby.


As I wasn't quite ready to get back to the Baba Yaga hut I started working on the last few scatter pieces instead. Somehow these were overlooked when I was painting all the small stone pieces. With just one session however they're almost done.



While waiting for things to dry I also went ahead and started working on my Eastern style portal. This thing practically screams JADE and I was unable to resist. 


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I spent the last few days prepping my picks from the latest circuit of the box of goodwill. Cleaning mold lines and basing everything actually turned out to make for a very nice break from the monotony that any big project can become. Breaks over though and this project is almost finished anyway (until I get around to priming all the other terrain I've acquired since priming most of this lot last year), so I guess it's time to get back to it.


I started the evening out easy enough with the goal of finishing the gazebo. As all I really wanted to do was paint the branches anyway it didn't take me very long.20210330_233910.thumb.jpg.c8154fc6c904b6f8a83440e13a53935e.jpg


Since I was able to finish the gazebo so quickly it felt almost wasteful not to paint a little longer. I probably wasn't going to do anything productive with the time anyway. So the eastern portal received some attention, quite a bit more than I intended actually.


Aside from a bit of dry brushing I nearly finished it. Guess I'll be getting back to that hut pretty soon. 

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1 hour ago, Great Khan Artist said:

I smiled when I saw some Hirst Arts ruins in your last Bat Rep.

Is that what those are? I recieved them second hand during a Warhammer housewarming party. I was never able to figure out where they came from though. It does makes sense as someone else on the forum identified my Egyptian set as Hirst Arts too; they both came from the same friend.

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Dry brushing of the portal is complete and I'm calling it finished.20210331_231749.thumb.jpg.1cf57e3f6ea2c0cdd8057b3356270345.jpg20210331_231804.thumb.jpg.f1e174028fbbd175fd722b9defcd236c.jpg


I'm still not quite ready to return to the Baba Yaga hut so I grabbed another hut instead. I really got into the groove of painting and ended up basecoating the entire piece.20210331_231817.thumb.jpg.ed85828e34e9a7d60965a3f998bca45e.jpg20210331_231824.thumb.jpg.db50fb4fec72f61e4baea79b17ca7218.jpg20210331_231833.thumb.jpg.50be62de683fbb49fb9c1a7389be4162.jpg20210331_231841.thumb.jpg.cb9e7e244a9d6331351488d900f64982.jpg

Looks like I'm just a few washes away from being forced back to the big hut. Although I do still have to paint the warrior statues.

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5 hours ago, KruleBear said:

Nice. I really like the brown variations on the roof hide of the hut. 

Thanks, a Google search let me see how others did this hut so I borrowed ideas from multiple people. One even painted the roof hide with a tiger stripe pattern but I wasn't brave enough to attempt it.

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      Any 3D printed parts are done on my Creality Ender 3.

      Trees from EC3D

      Trees from Dark Realms


      Barrel, +3 Barrel of Sundering (Warhammer props)

      Wood bundle, Alchemist's Table and Shelf from Vae Victis, I've honestly forgotten who the other designs were from.

      "The beacons are lit!  Gondor calls for aid!"

      Beacon Tower from RMPrintables

      Lounge Chair from Impact! Miniatures, awning from Warhammer, weapon pile from The Hobbit, treasure piles from Reaper Miniatures.

      Fantasy Objective Tokens by PhysUdo on Thingiverse.


      Ogre Totem from Warhammer, Town Fountain 3D print from unknown, Alchemist's Wares & Firestick Bundle from Vae Victis, Sandbags by MegaBlox, one tree/odd plant is an old Marauder Giant club and the other is from a Gandalf action figure.

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      Awhile ago I came across a terrain tutorial video about building barrels and thought I'd give it a go. After the initial steps of collecting water bottle/soda lids, gluing them together, and even priming them the project came to a halt. Well after a couple months of staring at a bag of primed bottle caps I finally got back to work. 
      The next step in the build was to create an actual lid/opening in the top of the barrel. This required two pieces; it needed a small bead and a slightly larger round piece to glue the bead onto (in the tutorial the builder used small wooden discs they found at a craft store). I knew that my wife already had plenty of beads that would be perfect but that small round disc had me stumped.
      That's when I finally remembered that inside my wife's craft bin she had a hole punch. Since I started basing my models and began building a little terrain I've been collecting a lot of random household brick a brack, including baby formula tins and lids. You know where I'm going with this and I think the picture speaks for itself.
      Now that I finally had all the pieces I began gluing the discs and beads to the top of the barrels. After a little gunmetal grey I'm pretty impressed with how good they look and how quick they can be made (quick provided you don't spend too much time thinking about a single piece). I placed some Games Workshop barrels behind them for comparison. 
      I'm pretty sure this build came from Terrain Tutorial but I'm not positive (I did see the video quite a while ago). Either way I just want to say this wasn't my idea at all, I simply followed the steps I happened to remember from a youtube video I watched so long ago that I can't remember who did it. I'm grateful however for this simple and cheap terrain and will be making a ton of them over the next few days.
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