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Statistics of Reaper Warlord


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The entire game system is supposed to be balanced at around 1000 points. This is unlike others where some factions always play better than others after many editions.

For comparison, WHFB had 15 factions with the 8th edition. There were 19 if one included previous editions. Rackam Confrontation has numerous factions and sub-factions combined. Both game systems have now been discontinued. Minor races, such as genomes, halfings, amazons, devils and reptiles, are never well supported in many game systems. The Bloodstone genomes and the Icingstead giants are only unique to Reaper's fantasy world. 

Razig exists because Reaper has a number of dead pirate models and the concept has always been popular, fueled by the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

Halflings remain in open beta testing. It does not even have a faction name for itself. There is a concern whether this troop type, Sky Guard, functions properly in the game and therefore there is an alternative version for either a warlord or an elite. Personally speaking, it does not make any sense for halflings to field a whole army of dragon riders based on the traditional fantasy view. A warlord model would be much better.          

It will be increasingly difficult for any game designers to add in a new faction but it should still be practical in add in new characters for certain fractions. For reasons unclear, I thought that the fire giants would be the next faction.

Not all factions have the corresponding models for being the musicians or carrying the standards.

The initial rule book was published in 2004. Second edition came out in 2009 followed a year later by Salvage North. With a few exception, all miniatures remain the same. You don't need to upgrade to the latest version of the model or to re-base your miniatures.

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44 minutes ago, The Steve said:

*fraction I believe you mean faction?

Not a biggie but a repeated error fwiw.

also what factions lack musicians/standards? I know necropolis has several alt musicians :)


Most factions never got dedicated "musician" or "standard bearer" sculpts in the Warlord line. There were decent proxies available, in some cases, depending on faction there.  And musical instruments have long been available; players were encouraged to create a model conversion for musicians and standard bearers for the troop type they desired.



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