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Feel my wraith! (Yes, that's spelled right)


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Along with my little Bilbo I painted this weekend, I needed to have something that would be creeping up behind him to complete the diorama.  That's still to come yet, but the painting is done.  


I picked up this wraith from a new printer that I discovered on Etsy.  I'm super glad to since I can send them my stl files that I've purchased and they can print them off for me.  Double win!


The details on their minis are pretty dang sharp, so it made for some fun painting.  (Don't worry, Reaper you still get my paycheck).  


Battle Report!



* Used a very interesting combination of Vallejo Metals: Aluminum and Gun Metal to create a shading effect.  I love the shield and depth to the sword by using light vs. dark of the two.  

*  Kept to very muted tones.  I pulled a picture of some lich king that was all washed out, but it gave me the idea to try just like 3 tones.   Purple, Grey, off-white.  I think they came out awesome.  I used no washes on the cape, bones, or armor.  I'm very proud of that fact.

*  Didn't end up putting a metallic dry brushing over the chain mail and left it dark.  I think it actually adds to the areas that are painted more than takes away from it.  Win.



* Totally wimped out and didn't do NMM on the sword.  I tried it.  failed it.  didn't want to ruin my little wraith and went with the metallics instead.  Lame.

*  Face is in 3 tones:grey, light grey, and white.  Looks a little stark, but I did try a method that was suggested @Cicciopiu who told me to really push the contrast.  I'm trying a little more.  This was a good effect for it, but need to try more.

*  The face I did with a grey base and yellow eyes.  I'm debating making them glowing red or blue instead.  

* Chest plate feels like it needed more of a mix between the two metallics, but got lazy and was like, "Meh, it's good enough."  


I'm very pleased with how it looks in this kind of ghostly color scheme.  I could do more of a dry brush or cover to it to make it look more apparition like, but decided to keep it minty-fresh instead.  


Gotta base it, but this time partnering it with Bilbo will be fun to really show this Wraith creeping up behind him.  I'm excited for that to post in Show Off.  More to come.  


Lay on the feedback and let me know what you think.  


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