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Star Wars RPG Uneasy Alliances: Megan's Part


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No Grumpy's!







Only one scene so far.


They need to make an alliance with fish people. Their king is the big fish thinh, second from the left in this picture:



They have to be careful not to act like prey, otherwise instinct kicks in, and the king tries to eat them.


He'll be very apologetic afterwards, but instinct is instinct.


During negotiations some Rat[CLONK!]er shoots one of the PCs, and puts blood in the water. :devil: Yes, the king does have the ability to swallow them whole, why do you ask? ::P:


Killing the king makes the fish people into enemies. Escaping without killing the king gives the PCs the advantage in negotiations.


I think I will be using the smaller fish guys too.

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