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bear, lion skeleton?????

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Anyone make a bear skeleton miniature? Physical or stl.


Thinking of using the Reaper Owlbear one. Head will look awkward but it has the general shape for the body.


How about a lion skeleton?


EDIT: Hmmm, thinking of changing these critters to the Reaper Bones 4 skeletal critters instead. Still any info would be nice.

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Hmm, I must have been planning for the future, as I dug into the box with this week's minis in it & I bought the Bones "Bone" manticore figure. Well that solves that problem!! Pretty sure I have the owlbear one as well. Adventurers should be around 7th level by the time they face these + other skeletal creatures. I may still look into  the Dark Fable minis, just for future reference.



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