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6 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

He’s got a little bit of an Obi-Wan vibe to him.  I like it!


If I weapon swapped in a lightsaber (toothpick)  he would fit  SW perfectly . 

( have a jedi-yeti around somewhere whe I needed one for a PC) 

i wanna say this guys light saber would be red though. 

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On 2/8/2021 at 9:44 PM, Evilhalfling said:


If I weapon swapped in a lightsaber (toothpick)  he would fit  SW perfectly . 

( have a jedi-yeti around somewhere whe I needed one for a PC) 

i wanna say this guys light saber would be red though. 

I'd work away the sword scabbard, trim the axe handle down and drill it out...and use the acryllic rod rather than a toothpick

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    • By R2ED
      Practice did not make perfect on this one, but there are some good things that came out of them.  
      I'm going state UP FRONT that the hair went poorly on all of them.  I'm not willing to go back and fix at this point, since it wasn't my main focus in getting them done, but wow - really came out bad.  Oh well.
      Battle Report.
      Mercenary w/ Mug = #1
      Mercenary w/ axe = #2
      Mercenary w/ crossed eyes = #3
      1.  Capes all turned out pretty good.  Was trying to go from dark color to light color and see if I could mix in different tones to get different results.
      2.  Attempted a different skin tone.  Used Game Color Flat Flesh and added in some MSP breast cancer awareness pink for some "life" in it, and it worked out well.  Not my best skin, but better.  Plus I've got to use as much of that pink as a I can!
      3.  Did two different primers: #1 and #3 got black primer to start.  #2 was a Vallejo Leather Brown primer to start.  Definitely liked the leather brown better than black.
      4.  Again, used very, very thin paints and had to do multiple layers, but the overall look came out better. At least, before Iattempted to drybrush and f'd up #1 and #3.
      5.  Worked on using blacklining around boots, belts, and areas where the two colors were close.  #1 and #3 had this the most.  I will do it again!
      6.  Used washing only in folds of cloaks or where seams were.  This is something I've been attempting to use more sparingly as I often get that coffee staining and can't figure out why my wash looks like hell and other's looks great.  Using less and buliding up is better.
      1.  Dry brushing.  DO NOT use a brush I 'think' might be dry and isn't.  Now #3 looks like he's in the frigid north.  
      2.  Dry Brushing.  Still need to learn what colors I can mix over others for drybrushing.  I thought a grey might be neutral enough.  nope.  Need help here on what color can be drybrushed over others to bring out a contrast without looking like it's frosted.
      3.  Eyes on #3 got a little crazy.  He now leads a life of trouble because of how the other mercenaries made fun of him...
      4.  Steel on the #2 was better, but still needs work.  Tried thinning with a little ink and then going back over with another non-mixed coat.  Work in progress.
      5.  Hair - all of them have terrible hair.  This is a major pain point for me.  I hate hair.  If I can't figure out how to start getting hair under control, I'm going to start hunting for bald heroes or creatures only.  NEED HELP!
      6.  Attempted on #1 and #3 non-wash.  #2 I did a sketch style start, but the results weren't that great.  I think my dry brushing might be a little heavy-handed.  (See brown prime and light dusting start)

    • By Iridil
      Here is one of the three Dreadmere mercenaries... painted up for use as an NPC. He got a bit shiney when I applied the sealer needed for tabletop. I like to think it's just the damp....

    • By MagicBrew
      “Is that a troll over there?”
      “Oi, so, as I were sayin’, it’s like we’re the blokes doin’ all the fighting and whatnot, but they’re makin’ a lot more coin and owning all the land, see? It’s not fair, and I were sayin’ just th’other day to Mikey that we should—“

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