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KS : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/zombicide-undead-or-alive/


Safest thing is to pledge $1, wait for the Pledge Manager, check shipping, VAT, and other charges, then wait for the base game at half the KS plus shipping price during a holiday sale. <_<



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I'm tempted as my FLGS plays the regular version all the time but I have  very hard distaste for CMoN thanks to their holiday sale a few years ago. Most likely I won't pledge.

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55 minutes ago, Olaf the Stout said:

What did they do in their holiday sale?


More or less reduced almost everything in their webstore, but it took forever to fulfill & things that were sold to people ended up not being in their orders after they confirmed items were in there. It was a mess. I think I got most of my order, but I recall there were a few items that went Out of Stock before I got my order, even thou they were in my order when I placed it.


They did charge me for items that I ordered but weren't in my order. I ended up getting back around 15 dollars worth in a refund. Which for that sale was quite a few figures. Overall they fulfilled but it took way longer then it should have. It was a Black Friday sale. Communication was iffy throughout the sale as well.

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My guess is that they're not going to repeat that experience again, because, with Asmodee taking over things, they're not going to have a warehouse (or Time Machine) any more. Both were mess, but it looks like CMON's selling its excess inventory to Miniature Market (last seen with the HATE sale, but MM has been selling Wrath of Kings stock for years). 


That said, look at the comments for shipping issues. Night of the Living Dead (?) had French games sent to American backers (or something). CMON refunds to Massive Darkness 2 backers (because of unexpected VAT charges) are taking 2-3 weeks to process (?). CMON's sheer number of backers means you'll see more customer service issues, and that still means they need to improve customer service.

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I'm pretty sure if I bring another Zombicide game into the house (after Zombicide 2 comes...) my wife is going to murder me.  I've got pretty much all of it thus far and we do play it a lot.  That said, the whole West theme doesn't do it for me so other than reading through the rulebook to see what special rules hey have have come up with that are worth including in our current versions.  Think I'm safe on this one... 

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12 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

When Marvel United arrives I'm already going to get dirty looks.. if any of the exclusives are cool I might look for them on the auction site..


Have they not fulfilled the entire KS yet? I ask cause I see minis on here & the basic box with Venom (wallymart exc) is at Wallymart here.

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It's Two Waves.. the company they partnered with decided to release the core box to retail last August so they sent core boxes out if you wanted them, expansion boxes and wave 2 are just starting to get shipped

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I am still on the fence with this one. I am a Zcide fan.  Starting with Green Horde and then getting base game Black Plague. Easy to teach new people.  Fun for kids and adults.  I enjoy painting the figures.  Looking forward to Z 2nd when it comes in April.  I am not a wild west fan but what will draw me in is the figures.  At $120 for the base I think it still a decent deal with all the figures.  It will get enough game time.  

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