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Zombicide: Undead or Alive


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During the initial lockdown (I was WFH in March/April), I broke out the initial season and was playing a lot of Zombicide. I started to make some house rules and decided I liked the simplicity of the system, as it lent itself to house-ruling. I bought a retail copy of Z:Invader with an eye to modding it with a bunch of scifi stuff I have (like Sedition Wars, Star Wars, etc). My only regret on that purchase was that it's not possible to get the KS-exclusive stuff (at a price I'm willing to pay), and since I play more for flavor than rulesets, that kind sucks (Massive Darkness in particular is pretty weak without the KS stuff but great with it).


So I'm in. Looking forward to some more of my favorites as exclusives, but just having Django is already a good sign. Luckily they didn't let him pick out his own outfit.

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Horsies. *Matching* horsies. As in, mini's of a rider on foot and a mini of them on a mount. Oh, and there's a donkey.


Also, some Back to the Future III mini's. but they stuck 'em in the steampunk add-on. Jerks. :P











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