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[Kobold Press] Vault of Magic Kickstarter

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Kobold Press is thrilled to announce our Vault of Magic Kickstarter is coming Monday February 15th!


With enough magic items for a lifetime of adventuring, it promises to be an invaluable addition to anyone's gaming bookshelf.


This grimoire of new magic items for 5th Edition campaigns brings wild surprises to your gaming table, from unknown potions, to fabled weapons and armor, to everyday magic that could become a campaign staple.


With over 800 items to start, many by leading tabletop designers and Kobold Press veterans, there's something here for your game, whether it's a new adventure underway or a long-term campaign that needs a jolt of new inspiration—for both the heroes and the villains!

The Kickstarter launches Soon. Be sure to sign Up for Kobold Press Kickstarter Notifications!


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9 hours ago, jadeite said:

Will you exclude Europeans again?


Great question!

Despite the difficulties and increasing costs of international shipping, my understanding is that this one WILL be shipped globally!

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Vault of Magic is Live!!!

From the kobolds who brought you Deep Magic comes a new grimoire filled with over 800 new and compiled magic items—Vault of Magic for 5th Edition, now live on Kickstarter!

This tome brings wild new magic to your gaming table of every imaginable type, including all-new marvels from celebrated guest designers Deborah Ann Woll, Luke Gygax, Professor Dungeonmaster, and many more!


Available in hardcover, limited edition, or PDF, this book has plenty to offer every game, whether it's a brand-new campaign or a long-running affair filled with veteran players who need an infusion of fresh mystery. From unknown potions to fabled weapons and armor, and bursting with everyday magic that could become a campaign staple, the Vault of Magic has it all.


Gorgeous full-color art, a complete set of treasure-generation tables, and your choice of virtual tabletop support make this an invaluable collection, suitable for both heroes and villains!





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In just the FIRST 2 DAYS, the Vault of Magic Kickstarter has reached more than $160,000, with 2,725 backers, and still climbing!!!


We've smashed through 16 Stretch Goals, including magic items designed by guest designers including Luke Gygax and Deborah Ann Woll!


Jump over and join the fun!




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Vault of Magic Kickstarter First Week Recap!


3,569 backers, $206,638 and still going :)

22 stretch goals unlocked, including:
  • Druidic items
  • Everyday items
  • Bearfolk items
  • Apprentice wands
  • Unique shields
  • Magic arrows and bolts
  • Witchy concoctions (troll blood and magic honey!)
  • Magical contracts
  • Sailing and sea items
  • Elemental items
  • Fabled items (over 20 of them!)
  • Additional art for potions, armor, and weapons
  • Sneak peeks for six guest designer items

WOW! What a week!


To celebrate an amazing first week, we put some new Vault of Magic t-shirts on our apparel website and all that Kobold apparel goodness is 35% off for the entire length of the Kickstarter! If you don't like covering your shiny scales with t-shirts, many of our designs also come as hoodies, throw pillows, mugs, notebooks, tank tops, stickers, and more.




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4 hours ago, Olaf the Stout said:

What are the rough shipping costs to Australia for the book?


Good question! 


The international shipping costs for bulk containers are wildly unstable right now. This is why we are using a pledge manager. 


If it helps, here's what the Shipping section of the Kickstarter says:




The books, PDF, and VTTs will all release in late October per the current schedule. Given how far along we are with design, development, editing, and art, this is a reasonable schedule.


At the same time, we're going to take a serious risk with international shipping for this project. Despite the difficulties we encountered getting Tome of Beasts 2 to overseas backers in a timely way and the increasing costs of international shipping, we're offering the printed books as part of the Kickstarter globally. Shipping costs will be calculated separately from the Kickstarter itself and charged in a pledge manager. 

This project will use bulk shipments to Canada, the EU, the UK, and Australia to attempt to reduce shipping costs. Given the confusion around VAT in the EU and UK shipments right now, this is a serious risk. Overseas backers may be required to pay VAT or Customs fees, but the cost of postage itself is usually lower using bulk shipping. This form of shipping means overseas packages will arrive a month or two later than US shipments.



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